Follow Friday: Recovery Ramblings Blog ~ Author Catherine Lyon


Catherine Townsend-Lyon is a self-confessed ex-gambler. She has written a book on the subject called “Addicted to Dimes – Confessions of a Liar and a Cheat”. It takes a lot of strength to write a book like that, and even more so to publish it.

Catherine’s blog details recover resources and links to self-help, and free help pages. Having been there herself, Catherine knows what she is talking and sometimes it is hauntingly painful especially when you realise that she has suffered mental illness, gambling addiction, abuse and more.

Her blog raises awareness for all of these aspects and can even help people who are in the same boat. It is one of the best “non-fiction” blogs I follow. What I mean, is one that does not have poetry, fiction and photography. One that is dedicated to the well-being of the person reading.

If you suffer from addiction, have suffered from addiction, or know someone who does or has, then this is definitely a blog for you to read.

We need to work together to “Raise Awareness, Educate, and Share Compassion” to those afflicted and give them a “Voice to be Heard”…. ~ Catherine Townsend-Lyon










Book (US)

Book (UK)

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