CWG7 – E6

This weeks Chain Writing Game starts on Death Row. Go to Kerrie’s page if you want to take a look at how it all started.



As he reached the end of the tunnels, he smelled the sewers and knew he had to walk through them to reach the next tunnel. Ripping his shirt, he covered his mouth and nose so as not to accidentally swallow any of the vile smelling liquid.

He hurried through to try to make his journey as short as possible and tried not to think of the objects that brushed against his legs. Climbing out, he started down the next tunnel. Behind him, he heard the alarms but he hoped they would not find the block he replaced for a while.

9 thoughts on “CWG7 – E6

  1. You are so talented. You are doing so many creative projects on your blog. I wish I could read each and every time but sometimes I fail because of taking care of Al. I am so proud of your accomplishments

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