SPF – Sunburst

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Looking out of her window, she sees people she knows milling about, talking to each other, waiting for the promised spectacular sunburst, glancing up at her window and hoping she is not looking out. If they see her, then they know they will have to wave and she might come down to see them. She sees their body language, the way they want to move away but others do not seem to take the hint.

She has seen it before, knows it all, and has felt it all through her life. She is different to them and they do not like it. She decides to see if she is wrong, and goes down to meet them. She sees the contempt disappear but it was there a fraction of a second earlier. They greet her and make promises to come visit. Her anger rises as she sees through their lies, their false promises, and their pretence. They talk to each other again, ignoring her.

The sunburst comes, a truly beautiful and magnificent sight that causes the day to light up like a million halogen bulbs, and then descend to pitch-blackness.

When the light returns, she stands there with blood on her hands and bodies all around her. She knows they have a reason to ignore her now.

33 thoughts on “SPF – Sunburst

  1. Not a lady to cross. I love the image of the flash of light, the darkness and then, as the light/sight returns, all the bodies and the woman covered in blood. Straight out of a horror film!

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