Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie

This week’s photo challenge is “Selfie” As I don’t post photos of myself, here are some with reflections of me, and one of my hand.

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42 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie

  1. Ah! That’s a different and unique take on selfies. A couple of years ago I finished up my exercise at my local gym and stepped into the men’s room to get my stuff. There was a young man there trying to take photos of himself with his cell phone. He told me he wanted to get some shots of his muscular torso for his girlfriend. I offered to take some for him, so they wouldn’t come out with him holding that damn phone in front of the mirror. After I snapped a few, a couple of other guys came into the men’s room and looked at us for a second. I quickly explained I was helping him submit photos for “Playgirl” magazine. They were all silent for a few seconds, then broke out into loud laughter.

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