Chain Writing Game – Episode 12

A noose awaits Hugh in the morning. Unless he escapes the inescapable prison. Impossible?

That’s how Kerrie introduced this latest Chain Writing Game. Come and have a go if you want.


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Hugh clenched his teeth and held the sides of the seat as he glanced over at speed dial. He glanced up at Sarah as they passed 120mph. She quickly looked at him, and then back at the road in front, giving a quick laugh. “I know this area,” she said to Hugh. “There are some very unsavoury characters. You never know who to trust and who not to.” He thought he saw a glint in her eye, maybe excitement, maybe something else.

As he moved his hands, he felt what seemed to be a pistol taped to the seat.

37 thoughts on “Chain Writing Game – Episode 12

    • Speedily so. I was going to have the cops suddenly on their tail, but figured I would add the gun instead. A way of shooting back 🙂

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