CWG 7 – Episode 17

Hugh has escaped prison, but is now on the run with psychopathic killers dressed as cops on their tails.

Story starts HERE, other episodes are HERE



 Sarah glanced up at the mirror and swore. “Back of my seat, there’s a rifle and a bible in a box.”

Hugh unbuckled and leant over the back, reaching for the rifle and grabbing the bible – to find a box of grenades hidden under the book. Nice!” he laughed as he grabbed a couple of the explosives. He buckled back up and cocked the rifle.

“Drop a grenade OUT THE WINDOW on my say-so” Sarah commanded, counting down … “NOW!”

Hugh pulled the pin and dropped the grenade. On the explosion, Sarah wrenched the wheel, turning the car into a blind road.


30 thoughts on “CWG 7 – Episode 17

  1. That was horrendously short Al!!! Would read the other ones later in the night. Posted the parcel today! 🙂 Would have done so yesterday but left the address at home…

  2. Pretty slick. And now it seems even less that Sarah is your average Susie Homemaker. I wouldn’t have the faintest idea where to get live grenades, but Sarah knows. And she seems quite comfortable with high speed combat. Hmmm…I’m lovin’ this more and more. Now I’m just wondering what horrible fate befell our Krazy Kops when that grenade went off. 😀

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