Haibun Thinking Week 4: Freestyle

This week’s Haibun Thinking is Freestyle where you have no specific prompt, although the prompts from the previous weeks are available if they are needed for a little nudge of inspiration.

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Photo from storm December 2013

With storms blasting from the west
with snow blowing from the east
with rain coming from the north
with clear weather coming from the south

With help coming from the left
with aid coming from the right
with people coming from the back
with workers coming from the front


Photo from heavy snow March 2013

The energy of the planet
seems to be shifting a great deal
something seems to have happened
and people are aiding each other

At times of disaster
at times of destruction
at times of great loss
at times of serious need

People come to help build defences
construction workers pumping water
office workers filling sandbags
health workers digging snow

Photo from crippling heavy snow February 2010

Photo from crippling heavy snow February 2010

at times of great need
humanity joins together
to beat back the weather 

36 thoughts on “Haibun Thinking Week 4: Freestyle

  1. Crazy insane weather everywhere.
    So nice that people pitch in to help during these types of times. Just wished it was all the time that people gathered to help & not just during disasters.

    Hope that you’re enjoying your weekend! 🙂

  2. It is amazing how people respond to disaster and help each other. It restores my faith in humanity. Your poem haibun is well written. I got a real feel of what it must be like to be experiencing the extreme conditions in your part of Britain.

    • Right here isn’t too bad yet. We just have one river that’s burst its banks, flooding on some of the roads, trees on the verge of being brought down, but the west of the country has it really bad. They have been flooded for nearly 6 weeks now

  3. Are you going to come and help dig me out tomorrow we are expecting another 6 inches to a foot on top of what was left from the last (snow) storm.

    Is it true that more folks are helping or just that we are reading more about who does? It would be nice to have a few front pages in the news about who is helping. I would like to believe that folks are generally good and will come to the rescue. Maybe that’s just because that is part of what my family does being volunteer Fire-fighters.

    • It would be nice if it made front page news. On the news here yesterday, there were people who came from other counties to help fill sandbags and help the flood stricken people. There was also stories about people helping neighbours giving them food and drinks and boats going round to give people stuff.

      It would be nice if it was an everyday occurrence. When I went to a KFC the other week, there was a homeless guy sitting outside. I have seen him around a lot. Someone gave him some alcohol once and he turned it down saying that’s what put him there in the first place. I told him that I wouldn’t give him money, but I brought him a meal instead. It worries me where he is at the moment. I haven’t seen him around

      • One can only hope that a good warm meal gave him the strength to find a shelter.

        I’ve attempted to be anonymous and pay for a few vets meals when I treat myself to ‘fast food’. Sometime if I see a Vet coming in after me I’ll leave monies with the cashier with the instructions to pay for what the Vet ordered. Kind of like that pay-it-forward at the fast food drive in where person a pays for person b, and b then pays for c…etc.

        • Yeah, I’ve done that before. I prefer not to let it be known what I have done. I don’t do it for the “oh you are so good” I do it to help.

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  5. It never snows here, in Mumbai. I wish it did only not as much. Thanks for sharing the pictures, Alastair. Quite a relief to see cold in the skin-burn summer that is here.

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        • The river where I take my photos of the ducks, one part is no longer happy with just the waterway, it now has control of the path as well, and the other bit – where I took the photos the other day of the two ducks together, that is barely below the bridge.

  7. Al, Great hope and spirit in your piece. I do like that vision of us all uniting and helping each other, internationally. We are all connected. Peace and Joy, Brenda

    • Thanks Brenda. It made me think of things I saw when Sandy hit, and things I have seen people do in disasters and what our Prince Charles said when he went to a flooded town here.

      There have been acts of awesome compassion like the person who run power sockets with all different chargers out to the front of their house so people could charge their mobiles (or cells), the doctor who would see people for free, people who give their stuff away. It is immense the way humanity can do so much good for each other.

      • Yes, I agree, many people all over the world are affected, the immediacy of the news and the pictures makes the whole world feel smaller and more connected. It’s powerful. So many lives are affected by weather and disaster, we are all united by it.

        • If only it did n’t take a disaster to do it. Prince Charles said “There’s nothing like a jolly good disaster to bring people together. The tragedy is, it took people so long to take notice” He was referring to the government not doing anything about the flooded place, and now that people are asking that overseas aid be suspended whilst we mend our own country, the high ups are kicking off about it. Not very helpful like

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