Friday Fictioneers … The Painting

Each week, Rochelle invites us to take part in a Flash Fiction challenge where she gives us a photo supplied by one of the kind Fictioneers and we have to make up a story of around 100 words based on that image. If you want to have a go, go take a look at the rules on Rochelle’s page.

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© Janet Webb

© Janet Webb 2013

The Painting

Danielle looked at the painting, admiring the lines on the face, the almond eyes, the bright red lips. Picking up her sangria, she glanced back at the image and frowned. It seemed to have moved slightly. She shook her head; it was not possible. The image did seem familiar though, it reminded her of Jessica. Her head swam a little and she shook her head again trying to clear it and looked into her sangria when the realisation hit her. She had left her drink unattended and now …

Bernadette looked at the painting. It reminded her of Danielle.

54 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers … The Painting

  1. I wonder if all the ladies were blonde and had red dresses on? Good tale – Makes you never ever to leave a drink unattended again. Well, I never did to begin with – I drank them too fast! Excellent enjoyment! Nan

    • I am going to stick some photos up in a bit. I was stupid and went out in it. I didn’t think it was as bad as the other day because the waves weren’t so high. Bit that was because the tide was out.

      It’s pretty horrendous at the moment and one of the rivers has burst its banks

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