We Have To Weather The Storm

That’s what I was always told when I was a kid. But what if the storm goes on forever? That’s what it seems like it is doing at the moment.

I went out today to take some shots, and was blown all over the place. The winds are close to reaching hurricane force with some parts of the country on a Red Weather Alert meaning there is a real danger of death and destruction. As if there hadn’t been enough destruction already. I haven’t heard about any deaths, and that is good – as long as it stays like that. I have also heard of people going from different counties to help out.

These are a few of the shots I took today, including one of my apartment, and one of a very old shelter.

These I took earlier in the day

41 thoughts on “We Have To Weather The Storm

    • Thank you Celestine. I am going to do a “then and now” post today with what has happened. It’s awful. I thought this part of the country got off lightly, but I was in my sisters 4×4 and other vehicles could not have got to where we did

    • Thank you Sylvia. It’s getting worse today as well 😦 Those people in the south west have lost everything. It looks like the temperature is going to plummet which is going to cause other problems.

  1. Love your apartment building. It has such history too the way it is built. To live on the front I think you are so lucky. Great shots! Stay safe

  2. Amazing power…water! It always blows me away (pun intended:-) how much damage it can do. Please stay safe my friend. Even though we enjoy your beautiful photography, it isn’t worth losing life or limb! πŸ™‚

  3. Be careful, I love the photos but don’t risk all for the sake of a good shot. I do find the weather forecast has got a little predictable, it appears to be constant wind and rain 😦 Stay safe and warm people!

  4. I feel cold and damp just looking at the photos. those wave are incredibly big. Maybe forget storm chasing for a while and stay home and watch it on telly. πŸ™‚ Take care.

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