Dover Is Sinking

I went through some photos from 2012/2013 and compared them to 2014 to show the mess that this weather is creating.

01 Bridge


02 Weir


03 Lady Walk


03 Feb 13 2014 Lady Walk.bak

04 Rest Home

05 Tunnel

06 Bridge


07 Overhang

57 thoughts on “Dover Is Sinking

    • I heard this morning that the jet stream will be moving by the end of the week, so hopefully these flood waters will start receding

    • Unfortunately in the west, it has. In another part of this town, they have to decide which part of the town gets flooded. Not a decision I would like to make.

  1. Gosh. I saw footage of the floods on the news over here last night. It certainly is serious. Even more rain was predicted. I hope those Dutch dike builders arrive soon. Take care.

  2. Wow, I had no idea. I keep hearing about y’all having storms but with Snowmageddon the rest of the world has been eclipsed it seems.

  3. Oh dear Al, I have watched on television too, your post is so good to see the difference between years… Worries me… I hope soon the weather be fine again. Thank you, love, nia

    • It did here, and ended up closing more roads as they flooded too much. I took some video whilst in my sister’s car (well, tank) but I can’t upload it as I deleted my Google+ account and YouTube is linked to that now 😦

      I hope you and your husband have a quiet night tonight 🙂

      • Oh my, I’m so sorry! I hope your sister’s car would be alright! Can’t you open a new Google and YouTube account or find a way to undelete your account.

        My husband believes Valentine is overrated, a ploy by retailers to sell their stuff. The kids were more into it though and we’re staying indoors. It’s too soggy and windy outside. I hope you’ll have a lovely night too! 🙂

    • Being one of those coastal residents, I agree. I want to move further inland, but the inland ones are the ones getting the most damage

  4. Stunning photos, Alastair! The comparison is amazing!
    This proves that nature is the master of the earth and we humans are helpless in front of her — we only see her creations are unique and incomparable!
    Have a quiet night, Alastair! 🙂

  5. Oh dear that look s dangerously close. It poured all day here again today! will we ever have a dy spell, I be the ducks are celebrating in so much water. 🙂

    • I would say they are as happy as a pig in muck, but I think it is as happy as a duck in water. And they are getting ready for the hosepipe ban next week 😉

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