Give Us A Wave

On Friday night, the weather was the worst it has been for a long while, so I grabbed my camera and tripod, put on a coat and went onto the balcony. There were still idiots who thought they could play next to the water and I saw one being picked up and deposited into the centre of the main road. Thankfully the ships were all out and anchored which meant that there were very few vehicles around and he got away with it. An idiot on a push bike was right next to the railings and he was lucky he wasn’t dragged into the sea.

On Saturday, as it was still very windy, I figured I would go down by the beach and grab some photos. My son wanted to come too. He always wants to come with me when I go out, and he always offers to carry everything for me. Who says teens are all brats?

70 thoughts on “Give Us A Wave

  1. goodness gracious! these images are stunning! i want very much to go back home to Buffalo, NY to spy upon my beloved Lake Erie to see it all frozen over. the kids want to go too; who knows if it will ever be like this again. Stay safe, A! I was wondering about Londontown… I am glad you are OK; quite a view you have. It’s a wonder you get anything done… I would be gazing all the time.

    • Thank you Molly 🙂

      Friday night I got barely anything done,. We were watching the sea for ages. It was magnificent in its fury. I had to hold my camera tightly with my tripod due to the strong winds. I would love to see the lake frozen over. Apparently in the early 70’s it got so cold that some of the sea froze over

  2. Have been watching all of the weather on TV and what is going on all over Europe is devastating! Your pictures are beautiful but do not take any chances with your life to get them! Hopefully you guys will have some relief soon…weather is crazy all over. Record snowfalls in US and India and all the flooding over there. It is heartbreaking to watch. And I don’t think the summer will be any better……we will be having record breaking temperatures again most likely. Stay safe and dry my friend 🙂

    • Thanks Courtney. Believe me, I would not want to damage my camera in any way shape or form so I won’t get too close to the water with it 🙂

      Temperatures in Australia around 57°C/140°F snow in America with temperatures around -37°C/-35°F and flooding in the UK plus the worst drought in 100 years in California. It is completely shot.

  3. it has been freaky to say the very least my good friend, but sadly I think that climate change is something that we will be getting used to, or should I say that I hope we will be getting used to as the work needed to resist this incredibly horrible weather was not set in place 😦

    It is no good the Prime Minister trying to score brownie points when the damage has already been done. Have a great day today Al and keep your Wellington’s handy, just in case 🙂


    • Thanks Andro. As someone said recently, it is odd that it was a case of “we will help if we can” until the Thames barriers nearly failed and then they said “money is no object” And as Prince Charles said “There’s nothing like a jolly good disaster to start people working together. The tragedy is, it took too long” His pledging £50,000 in aid infuriated the PM, but I think he done good and Prince William told reporters to put down their notepads and help. Good old Wills 😀 Proud of our royals

  4. Great photos Al which capture the storm well. You were braver than me going out to take photos during it. I waited until after the fact, apart from the one from my car 😉 Let’s hope for some calm after the storm…

    • It has. I look out the window and I see reflections of the light on the sea. It’s amazing the difference a day can make to the weather.

    • Thank you Seyi 🙂 Apparently the Jetstream is finally moving this week at some point so this ongoing storm can bog off and the rivers, streams and canals can drop to a more manageable level

  5. Gosh! Heard the weather is bad in UK but, pictures, are too beautiful and awesome:) Hope the weather become calm soon in beautiful London. Sending my love to the people of UK:)

  6. You officially are the bravest. I would not have gotten that close. Those waves look so scary! I have a great respect for the power of water. WOW! Fantastical photos A.

    • Thanks M 🙂 The waves were terrific and the sound from them as well was tremendous. I did have to turn my back a couple of times to stop my camera getting too wet 🙂

        • Moi? Hehe. No, I just love watching Nature in fury. It’s why I love thunderstorms.

          There was this one time, many years ago that I went storm chasing with someone and we ended up standing under the eaves of a concert hall. There was they guy there and as we turned up, he said “I have to go to go to work, but before I do, I want to see lightning strike just there” At his command, the lightning struck where he pointed, so he said “Well, I guess I’m going home then. Bye” 😀

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