Okay, with just the title you know that this is going to contain. I am still very busy and unable to visit as many blogs as I want, in fact I barely visiting any at the moment, but I hope for that to change fairly soon.

Anyway, I cut up some home-made bread and gave it to the gulls this morning, and figured that I would photograph them as their payment for dining at the exclusive restaurant.

One of the images I particularly like is the one where I almost caught the bird landing, but the other two gulls were watching it.

54 thoughts on “Gullibility

  1. Love the last one Alastair caught a great expression !
    Very neatly cut cubes of bread πŸ˜‰ …. I usually tear :-/

  2. I always enjoy your bird shots but that last one is quite interesting. I think all the bread is gone and he is looking to you because he knows you have more stashed away! πŸ™‚

    • Haha it was looking at the one in front wondering when it was going to leave. Just after I took this, it jumped down and chomped on the tail feathers of the one on the table

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