Photo of the Week: Week 8

I brought a fish tank a couple of days ago, and when I arrived home with it, I filled it with water so that it could sit for 24 hours making sure there no leaks anywhere. There wasn’t and there was no celery either, but that’s besides the point.

As I was pouring the water in, I noticed the splashing, so I set my camera up on an extremely fast shutter speed and dripped the odd splash of water into the tank. Getting the two to hit at exactly the same time was an almost impossibility. I need to get my self a dropper so I can do one splosh at a time. This is how it ended up.

Week 8

23 thoughts on “Photo of the Week: Week 8

  1. Took me ages to get the celery joke, I thought it was a Doctor Who reference but I over think things a bit much and got there in the end. Your photo was well worth the effort, love the power of the drop…it is most dramatic.

  2. You are quite the artist Al. You find the most interesting things to photograph. I love the lens on my cell phone and the fact it is small enough to carry around, which makes finding these kind of treasures possible.

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