When You’re At The END

Shruti used one of my photos for a piece of poetry. If you haven’t visited her blog, go there now. It’s worth it

A Shade Of Pen

~~In the shoes of…. “I don’t really know what this feeling” is called~~the dark moon

The picture belongs to Al Forbes. I generally write poetry on pictures, but this picture just stood out… I couldn’t control my pen and I think I just could feel the words.. My heart goes out to all who feel this way.

I keep standing.. waiting for that one ray of light to feel alright.. for that one unheard whisper that tells me, it’s okay.. you can CRY..and yet the clock keeps ticking.. there’s no sound.. no whispering.. no hugging..It’s just me and my shadow.. and slowly as the sun hides in the tuft of white clouds that I once loved, the shadow too leaves me alone.. It feels screechingly haunted like someone came in and robbed me of me.. Am I really alive or in that one nano second, all the happiness just vanished and…

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