Sunday Photo Fiction: A Moonlit Walk

Every Sunday a photo is used as a prompt to try and get the creative juices flowing to create a piece of up to about 200 words. If you want to have a go, then head here, or if you want to see what others have written, then head here.

This is part of an ongoing story called Daniel’s Legacy: Dan’s Story. You can find the complete tale at the top of the page under Fiction, or click here if you want to cheat.

48 02 February 23rd 2014

Dan walked outside and glanced up at the first of the moons as it rose in the sky. He knew he had to find the killer of Dahlia’s father. He asked him to after death. It was not often the dead spoke to him, but when they did, it resulted in life changing consequences, and that terrified him now.

He looked up at the moon as the second, larger moon rose on its dark orbit, casting the first in shadows. It did not matter how many times Dan witnessed this, it still amazed him. Shaking his head, he brought himself back to the moment at hand.

His trip to the hall of records uncovered no clues, so now he needed to trawl the archives for murders like this across the planet. He started walking without thinking. The image of Dahlia’s father turning to him after death gave him nightmares, and he kept finding himself dragged back to that moment.

“Help me”

How could he? He needed some clue.

Help me

A Serial killer maybe as Sianne said?

Help me

Maybe a Vakarian framing a human?


“By the Gods!” he exclaimed and stopped as he remembered the hand held something. He turned around, and a fist was the last thing he saw.

24 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction: A Moonlit Walk

  1. Very interesting story and I love the fist at the end. I wasn’t quite sure what – “He asked him to after death” meant? It may be because I haven’t read the story before.

    • You need to read the first couple of parts. The guy was dead, and when Dan neared him, he opened his eyes and said “Help me” but of course he didn’t because he had been dead for a while. It was what Dan saw in his mind

  2. See…always got to leave ’em wanting more….
    One of these days I’m going to have to back track and see what I’ve missed.
    Poor Daniel. I can see this going in a few different directions…but hey it is your story! 🙂

  3. Very dramatic. I read it first without reading the opening explanation and thought it sounded like the beginning of a fast paced sci fi story. Then I read that it is actually part of a such a story. Great work. Fascinating that you are using prompts to write an extended piece of fiction. I tried that for a while but found it very tricky.

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