Haibun Thinking: Week 7 – Art Week

Being art week, this week’s two pieces are a photo of somewhere that resembles a Mediterranean lagoon, and Michelangelo’s cherubs painting. I have gone for the “lagoon” which I will explain after the Haibun. If you want to have a go at doing a Haibun, then the Haibun Thinking challenge runs from Tuesday to Tuesday and you can find details of it here. Take a look here if you want to see what others have done.



Through pain and torture, some areas bring comfort
Through tears and terror, some scenes bring laughter
Through hate and anger, some places bring relief
Through fury and deception, some friends bring love

Life deceives us, we must find truth
People can hate, we must find love
Liars try to control us, we must find peace
Power corrupts some, we must find sanctuary

Lagoons distract from terror
Waters wash away pain
Sunny days show us the truth
A day out shows the future

some try to control
deceiving us from the start
friends offer support

*** *** ***

In 2010, I moved in with someone who was … to put it plainly and without giving too much details … mentally  and verbally abusive to myself and my children. She took this confident bloke and destroyed him. I was lucky to have two very, very good friends who lived near at the time, and they suggested we go out for the day so I could get away with the kids and escape her wrath. We went to this place which is a diving centre in Leicester, UK, called Stoney Cove. It was a gorgeous day and I can never ever thank my friends enough for what they did for me that day. I know it was another four months before I could escape, but with knowing they were there for me, it made it slightly more bearable. They are friends who are true angels in my eyes.

Be Positive. Unless You Can Be A Unicorn, Then Always Be A Unicorn

This title jumped out at me when I saw the words “Be Positive” that, and “A-B Positive, A Positive, O Negative and any other blood groups” so I thought I would go for a humour title.

When I was checking on a couple of blogs today, I am sorry I have not been able to get to everybody that I normally do, but my time is exceedingly limited at the moment with offline things that I am doing. I went to blog of an actress that I read, and something she said in her post –

 The path Life takes is rarely the one envisioned,
but when we appreciate the journey and the divine
route being guided through all the ‘wants’ and desires,
sometimes it is good to realize the right here-right now is enough.
~ Katrina Perkins

I also want to thank to people on Facebook who found and shared, so I have linked to them here.

Beat Redundancy Blues

Christina ~

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