Be Positive. Unless You Can Be A Unicorn, Then Always Be A Unicorn

This title jumped out at me when I saw the words “Be Positive” that, and “A-B Positive, A Positive, O Negative and any other blood groups” so I thought I would go for a humour title.

When I was checking on a couple of blogs today, I am sorry I have not been able to get to everybody that I normally do, but my time is exceedingly limited at the moment with offline things that I am doing. I went to blog of an actress that I read, and something she said in her post –

Β The path Life takes is rarely the one envisioned,
but when we appreciate the journey and the divine
route being guided through all the β€˜wants’ and desires,
sometimes it is good to realize the right here-right now is enough.
~ Katrina Perkins

I also want to thank to people on Facebook who found and shared, so I have linked to them here.

Beat Redundancy Blues

Christina ~

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48 thoughts on “Be Positive. Unless You Can Be A Unicorn, Then Always Be A Unicorn

  1. [ Smiles ] Most uplifting, my friend.

    I am sure that a lot of people look forward to viewing your blog on a daily basis.

  2. The quotes made me think..all of us are searching for the same things..friendship, affection, empathy, sympathy and love..liked the fourth quote a lot

  3. There was a thing on Facebook the other day that asked people to test what kind of mythical creature they’d be. I went through just for fun and learned I’d be a unicorn. I thought, β€˜That’s just great. A fantasy beast with a horn sticking right from the top of its head!’ I still prefer to see myself as a prehistoric wolf: a big-shouldered, hairy animal that set the stage for all future generations of canines. But, it was just a game. πŸ™‚

    • That’s what my son would rather be. He adores wolves. Your comment made me think of a sabre tooth wolf. Can you imagine what one would look like. Or even what one of the puppies would look like. This little yappy thing with two huge teeth :-[ πŸ˜‰

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