Haibun Thinking: Week 7 – Art Week

Being art week, this week’s two pieces are a photo of somewhere that resembles a Mediterranean lagoon, and Michelangelo’s cherubs painting. I have gone for the “lagoon” which I will explain after the Haibun. If you want to have a go at doing a Haibun, then the Haibun Thinking challenge runs from Tuesday to Tuesday and you can find details of it here. Take a look here if you want to see what others have done.



Through pain and torture, some areas bring comfort
Through tears and terror, some scenes bring laughter
Through hate and anger, some places bring relief
Through fury and deception, some friends bring love

Life deceives us, we must find truth
People can hate, we must find love
Liars try to control us, we must find peace
Power corrupts some, we must find sanctuary

Lagoons distract from terror
Waters wash away pain
Sunny days show us the truth
A day out shows the future

some try to control
deceiving us from the start
friends offer support

*** *** ***

In 2010, I moved in with someone who was … to put it plainly and without giving too much details … mentally  and verbally abusive to myself and my children. She took this confident bloke and destroyed him. I was lucky to have two very, very good friends who lived near at the time, and they suggested we go out for the day so I could get away with the kids and escape her wrath. We went to this place which is a diving centre in Leicester, UK, called Stoney Cove. It was a gorgeous day and I can never ever thank my friends enough for what they did for me that day. I know it was another four months before I could escape, but with knowing they were there for me, it made it slightly more bearable. They are friends who are true angels in my eyes.

43 thoughts on “Haibun Thinking: Week 7 – Art Week

  1. Your words are powerful and I think sharing why they were so very powerful made them even more so. Also a very brave thing to do. Maybe that’s the problem with so many people and why bloggers are so awesome….they are writing/talking about things instead of holding it in. It is my honest opinion that many of the illnesses today be they mental or physical are from doing just that…holding in all the bad things. It is brave and freeing to share a difficult/horrid/frightening time….but in doing so you have shown the way for others to do the same and/or helps those who have shared not feel so alone in doing so. Love your words sweet friend and I *know* friends are indeed angels in our lives!! Hugs !

    • Thank you Christina, I truly appreciate your words. It was very difficult to write the poem and the bit afterwards. I have known for several weeks that I was going to use that one, and I knew what I was going to say – or rather what I was going to talk about. It didn’t make it any easier though. As you know, difficult times are very hard to talk about and as you rightly say, keeping them in hurts both physically and mentally as it literally pulls you down, folds you over.

      I do hope that others can see that there is a way for others to do the same. Since then though, I have found more angels.

      Thank you dear friend. *hugs*

  2. “Life deceives us, we must find truth”

    That is such a powerful line, Al! You are lucky to have those two friends by your side. And I’m glad the worst is over for you! In this day and age (or maybe I just haven’t been lucky enough), I think most “friends” tend to share more superficial and loose relationships – choosing to staying connected only when one party feels it is convenient…

    • I agree, although I have a few who have stayed beside me through several years of hell, and I can’t thank them enough. These two and a couple of others.

      Thank you Raynna. I do hope you find friends who “skip down the road singing ‘someone’s gonna get it'” with you

      • I am doing fine, but unfortunatey no time for now. When I am at office, I miss the time I spent at blogging and library…If I am at home, I miss going to work…lol

  3. Life has many twists and turns Al and often a smile that is outwardly offered is a hidden call for help. I am pleased that you were able to escape from your living hell my fine friend.


  4. Friends are the most precious thing we can have. and in times of need you do know who sticks with you and who abandons you. The ones who help are the friends for a lifetime. I have experienced that too and I am blessed to have great friends I cherish!

    • It is one of the worst experiences that remains with you for the remainder of your life, and I wonder why some people are like that. People have free will and should be left to have free will. Talking can solve many problems, abuse creates them. The great friends are perfect though. At that point, some of my friends vanished but a fair few stayed, and I was grateful for these two friends of mine They are priceless.

      Hope you have a good week Ute

  5. I am sorry this happened. Sometimes we don’t know a person until we live with them. I know from experience, but I do know that you bounced back and you are a wonderful friend and a great friend

    • Thank you Terry. I know other people are still going through hell with situations like this, but I can say that I know what they are going through, and I do know there is help available. Men don’t normally admit to being abused in a relationship and I think more should. It would highlight the problem more. Domestic abuse comes in all forms from all sides.

  6. I found your piece very touching. I don’t think it was easy for you to open that door for us, so I thank you for your courage. Pat

    • It took me all week to write that. I wasn’t sure if I should or not, I may even delete it again at some point, but to say it today was .. well it brought a lump to my throat as I was writing it.

      • Your courage shines through. There is no shame in walking away from an abusive relationship, perhaps your honesty will help someone take strength from your words. I don’t think you should delete it..it is ( in it’s own way ) another step to healing.

  7. Lovely Al, it is good you have your life back, so to speak, and that you children are no longer party to any abuse. Excellent that you have such good friends to call upon.

      • Well you got them away from it though and you do still see them. Life is often not what we want but taking them from an abusive house even at your own cost was a good thing.

        • Exactly. We are all still alive and kicking. I know she found someone else a couple of months after I left, but he was not as forgiving as I was. Even so, I still don’t think he should have beat the crap out of her.

            • It isn’t, and as I just said to Terry, not enough men admit to suffering domestic abuse from a partner as they are not listened to very much. “What? You were brow beaten and verbally abused by a woman? hahahaha” I know a man (well, a woman now) who was physically assaulted by his (a his then) wife or girlfriend. He ended up heading a crisis helpline for male abused victims. Funnily enough, that was in the same county I was in at the time.

            • You are right Al, it was never something I wanted people to know about, and sadly if you saw my MLM prompt this week it is still happening with my children.

            • I didn’t I’m afraid. I have had a very busy week. I am so sorry that it happened to you and that it is happening to your children. It is awful when we can’t take the pain away from our children

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