Between the Pages

Between the pages
Love is found
Life is found
Lust is found

Book1Between the pages
Friends are found
Enemies are found
Allies are found

Between the pages
You are anyone
You can become anything
You can do wonders

Book2Between the pages of a book
Your mind goes to places new
Takes you on a journey
One impossible outside

Between the pages of a book
Heroes are found, heroines created
Dauntless in their actions
Fear – a non-existent feeling

book3Between the pages of a book
Children become greater
Greater than adults
Greater than gods

Between the pages of a book
Aliens become real
Martians become friends
Flying is easier than walking

Book4Between the pages of a book
Doughty replaces fear
Girls become princesses
Boys become princes and Knights

Between the pages of a book
New worlds are visited
Men become one with honour
Women become damsels in distress

Book5Books can take you anywhere
Books can take you to any time
Books can remove your worries
Books can help you relax

Leave reality


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This was inspired by Christina sharing this image on her Facebook page from The Literacy Site Facebook page.

Literacy from Christina httpswww.facebook.comtheliteracysite

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