SPF – Recuperation

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50 03 March 9th 2014

Dan sat by the water looking at his reflection. After having his hand amputated following his torture at the hands of the unknown, and now very dead, assailant, he felt less than useless. Using his lower right arm, he rippled the water as a tear dropped in. Dahlia approached him, laid him down and wrapped all of her arms around him from behind. As they lay there, she could feel him sobbing so just kissed him on the back of the neck and laid there.

Four hours later, she noticed he had finally drifted off to sleep, so gently detangled herself from him and sat by the edge of the pool. In two weeks, someone murdered and mutilated her father’s body, and then Dan lost his hand to a torturer. If it were not for the priest speaking to a Human in the church, and running out to fetch the enforcers, Dan may not have survived the night.

Now, as she looked at her sleeping friend, she decided he needed all the help he could get. There was something more than just murder and mutilation here, and it chilled her to the bone at the thought of what may happen.

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