A Bird In The Hand … Or On The beach

These are a few photos of birds (and the foggy coastline) when I went to Camber Sands with my sister yesterday. I do apologise about the quality of the photos, they are at maximum range and cropped to bring them in closer. I am not overly happy with them, but you can see what they are. The robin was just outside my sister’s yard.

19 thoughts on “A Bird In The Hand … Or On The beach

  1. OH I enjoyed these so much! I’m taking a break and love to visit your site to see what’s been photographed by the A. Awesome photos. I love the yellow one then best you should make a postcard from this or at least frame it. 🙂

    • Thanks Nia. Yes, it was watching me. I took a couple of steps towards it and it stopped. When I tried to get closer, it flew away

  2. I can’t swear to it but I think I saw a Robin in our tree yesterday. I love it when I see them. They won’t return here until they are sure they won’t starve trying to find snow. So the snow must not going to be real bad for the rest of this season. Good photos, don’t worry about them, I can read each one of them

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