Haibun Thinking – A Day At The Beach (Freestyle)

This week’s prompt is that there is none. Or was none. I am extremely late this week and need to get the next one done for 5½ hours time.

This inspiration for this came from spending the day at Camber Sands with my sister. She asked me to go down and photograph her on her horse whilst running near the sea.

A Day At The Sea

The weather cloudy but warm, except on the beach where the chill of the sea breeze comes in and takes over forcing us to wear gloves. The tide is on its way out so we have a coffee first. It ebbs fast here, but flows back equally quickly making it a dangerous place to be at the wrong times. Other people arrive with dogs and children.

The horse-box is open and the mare is standing munching on her hay feeling a wind blowing over her. Then she is saddled up and begins to pace excitedly as she knows she can wander around. Riding onto the sands, the horse feels strange sensations underfoot and sees the waves licking at the shore.

Then she is led up the sands, first in a walk, then in a trot, a canter and then a gallop; racing back with all four feet airborne, loving being able to stretch her legs, happiness showing all over her.

a day at the sands
horses running at full speed
manes blowing in the wind

35 thoughts on “Haibun Thinking – A Day At The Beach (Freestyle)

    • Thanks Bjorn. My sister loved it, and I enjoyed taking the photos. A couple of other people turned up later with their horses as well

  1. This is a brilliant posting Al and I like the picture of your sister too, actually it reminds me that the last time I rode a horse I couldn’t sit down for a week 😦 lmao the thing ran of with my ass bouncing on the saddle, well I was a novice in those days and I just held on the best I could 🙂 Finally he found something to eat and I jumped off, well sort of slid from the saddle and staggered away…

    Have a wicked one today Al


    • HAHA Sounds similar to me. I rode a horse in 1988 when I got a job in a stables. Working there I got over my fear of horses. Then out on a ride it threw me off and I went back 30 steps. My sister did have a nutter of a horse that was the most intelligent animal I have ever encountered. It hated people, but if a novice got on him, he was fine. If you were scared of horses, like me, he was perfect. If you were experienced though, he would try to kill you. And I don’t mean that lightly. He crushed my sister once.

      • Definitely one to avoid 😦
        I hope that your fear of horses
        has been overcome Al, they
        are majestic creatures and it
        would be a shame to miss out
        on the experiences of horse
        riding 🙂 Have a fun evening 🙂


        • I’ve not ridden a horse in 20 years and unfortunately, I will never be able to get back on one. As I was taking photos of my sister, I thought how much fun it would be to ride on the beach.

  2. I like the pacy way you have written this. It fits with the excitement that horses galloping across the sand.

    • Thank you, I am glad you like it. I am paying for it today though – not suffering because that would say I didn’t enjoy it when I did 🙂

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