Friday Fictioneers: Mistaken Identity

Every week, Rochelle hosts a Photo Fiction challenge to make a story up of around 100 words from the photo provided. If you want to have a go, head over to her blog here, or see what others have written here.

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Mistaken Identity

Raynard stood solidly in the rising elevator, holding a body by the collar. He smiled, knowing that very soon, another of Saskia’s helpers would die by his hand.

Stepping off at the fifth floor, and finding the correct apartment, he held the body facing away from the peephole and knocked on the door.

Who is it?”

Detective Rush

As the door opened, Raynard dropped the body, grabbed Crannson and threw him against the wall with all of his strength, hearing multiple bones smash at the same time. Then he tore the head from the neck. He swore as he realised this was not his intended target. Crannson had escaped.

What Is In A Number

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