SPF – Give The Man A Hand

Every week, a new photo is used as a prompt in Sunday Photo Fiction where you write a story using around 200 words and the photo as a prompt. If you would like to have a go, then visit the page here, or if you want to read the couple of stories already written, then visit here.

There is still about seven hours if you want to take part in this week’s, or next week’s starts at 4am GMT.

This story is an ongoing one which you can find here.

51 03 March 16th 2014

Give The Man A Hand

Dan found it difficult to move his prosthetic hand. He tried picking up a cup of liquid and crushed it so the water all shot out of the top and on the floor. Dahlia attempted to hold in a laugh as she saw anger rise in his face.

The therapist raised all four hands and told him to stop. “Think of it as an egg. Think around the hand not inside it”

This went on for several weeks before Dan managed to control the new appendage. Another week before the therapist discharged him from daily reviews.

Dahlia walked with him to a local coffee shop and held his hand, telling him to hold hers. He did with barely a sensation on her skin. She let her hand drop and he stopped, staring off into the distance. Looking in his three eyes, she could only see a void, emptiness.

Three bodies lay piled one atop the other. Two Vakarian, one Human. The two Vakarians were missing two arms each and a leg each. The Human had two arms attached a leg attached. All three heads turned and spoke “help me!”

Dan staggered backwards as Dahlia caught him. “We have a problem” he trembled.

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