A Final Farewell to Al for Terry

This poem is for Terry’s brother, Al who was taken by the angels at 08:30 this morning.
My thoughts are with Terry and her family at this time.

Terry asked me to write a poem to say goodbye to her brother, Al. You can find Terry’s blog here.

Al suffered from MSA – Multiple System Atrophy which is a “neurological disorder that affects adult men and women. It is caused by degeneration or atrophy of nerve cells in several (or multiple) areas of the brain which can result in problems with movement, balance and automatic functions of the body such as bladder and blood pressure control.

You can find more details on Multiple System Atrophy here and here.




As my brother I have loved you
For all of your fifty-eight years
We have argued and fought
Brought each other to tears

I would never change you
As the fights quickly faded
Our familial sibling bond
So strong we always made it

You always brightened my life
From toddler through to your teens
Then from twenties and beyond
You made me smile through many means

Al, you will always be the best
My favourite, no denying that
But not only with me
There’s also Rhino, the cat


You adore the brand Coca-cola
Collecting hats, clothes and cars
If you could have your way
It would be written in the stars

I do not want to say farewell
I want to stay with you forever
I will never, ever forget
Our many years together

But the time has eventually arrived
For you to go and join our father and mother
You will be forever with me
I love you and will miss you
Goodbye Al, my beautiful brother.


© A Forbes 2014

77 thoughts on “A Final Farewell to Al for Terry

  1. What an utterly perfect poem, Al, and I remember you from Terry’s blog but by your full name. I’ve never been a poet, but you echo my sentiment and I thank you for being able to say what many of us want to in such an eloquent way. I’m so glad your poem was read at Al’s service. Oh, the hidden beauty in blogging and the kindness of strangers from afar who become friends…
    A ❤

      • I think that’s so lovely. It truly is an honor and you are a good person for doing so.

        I suppose we all have a heavy heart this week… I messaged Terry at 7 in the morning her time on the 24th about her new grandchild. I had an odd feeling when I left that comment, and then Al was gone shortly thereafter. Birth and death: the cycle of life.

        Take good care across the pond my friend…

        • That cycle is .. and always will be .. endless. The timing is always the key as to how a child will grow up with an angel watching over them.

          I know it has been a difficult week for Terry, harder than I think she thought it would be.

  2. Sad to hear the news of Al’s passing. But if there was ever a caregiver award for someone with passion, commitment, understanding, and hard work, it would be Terry. Following your blog has made me realize how much I would like to have a Terry in my life when the end is near. My thoughts and prayers go out to family and friends.

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  5. 😥
    A bittersweet farewell as we know how he will be missed – especially by his loving sister.
    But – we also know that his pain & suffering is now over.
    May Al rest in peace.

    • Very much so Rosy. When I saw Terry’s post to say he had gone, I did cry. He will be missed by a great many of us and it is this time that we have to be there for Terry. She needs us now

  6. Well A, I’m sitting here at my desk crying. That is beautiful and so very sad. One of many things I find peaceful is knowing they are no longer suffering. Awesome Tribute A. My prayers and thought to Terry!

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