Haibun Thinking: Escapism

Every week, two new prompts are given for Haibun Thinking. To find out more about this Japanese literary form, head to the host page here.

As it is film week, this week’s prompts are both Goose related. There is the image supplied by AnElephantCant and the quote:

Golly, did I hear you say you would be free if you could?
(Gussy the Goose, Charlotte’s Web [2006])

I have chosen to use the quote.


Life plays ugly tricks on us at times. We find friends, lose them, and then a little down the line we find them again.  We learn to live without them, only to find that we do not have to. We need our friends, not just in times of stress, but also in times of fun. Humans are not intrinsically loners; we make ourselves that way when we hide from our friends and ourselves. We are not always in full control of our actions and we act stupidly, idiotically. It is as if we go into a self-destructive spiral and do not care about anything or anyone so we push people away so they are free of the blast radius.

We pretend we want freedom, when in fact what we do want is for someone to take us by the hand, look us in the eyes and say, “I am here for you”. In the film Charlotte’s Web, Gussy the Goose and Golly have a conversation over freedom.  Golly yells at Wilbur (the pig) to run, as he would like to be free. When questioned, Golly backtracks and says, “If I were a pig”. We say things for a reaction, in the hope that someone will say, “don’t go, I need you”

sometimes all we need
is to escape reality
to find ourselves again

31 thoughts on “Haibun Thinking: Escapism

  1. sometimes all we need
    is to escape reality
    to find ourselves again

    Does the routine justify the means? I meant to do, I meant to say, I meant to take all the hurts away, but my own faults got in the way. Remembering to forgive ourselves is as important as remembering to smile. A very strong and good write. Thanks.

  2. Loved your Haibun! The Haiku was very poignant…well said and a good mantra! Books are a wonderful way to “escape” (for me). Isn’t it interesting we can find such profound statements in a cartoon?? 🙂

  3. I hear what you are saying, but then there is the other side of the fence. When sometimes a friendship just isn’t the same anymore and sadly it isn’t doing either person any good to continue in the way that it has been progressing, and it is better to do without. Sometimes relationships change and we have to accept it and move on with our lives in order to move forward. I had a ‘best’ friend and either something changed or we both did, either way, what we had was beautiful, but unfortunately it changed and I ended up feeling bad and down after speaking to them. The situation came to a head when I saw them in person, and afterwards, when I got home, and had time to reflect on the situation, I came to the conclusion that I couldn’t continue, I had to say something about how I was feeling. Now our friendship in the true sense of how it was, is non existent, and I hardly hear from her. It was a really difficult decision for me to make, one of the hardest I have ever had to make, as we were so close at one time, but for now at least, it is the right decision, as I feel a lot happier again.

    • I lost a lot of friends over the last 6 years, but I suppose it was clearing out for new ones. Different ones. I moved on from that stage n my life. Well, I didn’t have a choice LOL

      I know what you mean though. Someone who was my best friend, no longer is. I am very picky with who I allow to get too close to me now.

      • I know what you mean. It can be hard to trust people after that happens. With regard to another so called ‘best friend’ at the time, last year, one time I refused to do what she asked me to do because it went against my morals and integrity, I won’t go into what happened just to say she wasn’t happy and we were no longer friends after that for a while, and now we are friends just in work.

        • If she was not willing to accept that it went against your morals (providing your morals don’t including taking first born children and using them as baseball bats in a game of tennis haha) then she was not a proper friend. A true friend will accept things you won’t do and not push you into it. Well, they may push you into things, but not something that goes against what you feel is right. Friends will always push you into things, it’s what friends do. As long as it is not too far.

          • She even said she knew I wouldn’t agree with it so she didn’t know why she asked me. I won’t go into any other details. Nevermind it’s in the past now. About the baby joke. Although I don’t want kids of my own, I would never harm a baby or animal. They are some of life’s precious gifts. I don’t like any sort of violence.

            • I think if everyone’s humour was the same, nothing would be funny 🙂 I must admit, before I had kids, I used to say a lot of baby jokes, but then when my rugrats came along, everything changed and I saw them in the jokes.

            • I hear what you are saying. I am a sensitve soul and didn’t find that funny. My head took me to places I really didn’t want to go with that one. One of my best assets in regard to my writer’s mind, is that it allows me to conjure up things I would never normally even want to contemplate, but this can sometimes be unhealthy for my normal brain, in reality, and especially when dreaming. For example, in reality, I did a course once and had to briefly play the role of the bad guy as part of a role play. The trouble was, I had to think about the feelings of the bad guy and why they had come to be like that. I was able to see their point of view and the person who was playing the good girl once out of role play, took a while to see I wasn’t that horrible person just because I could understand the villan’s point of view. Also it took me a while to get out of that villan’s head. On a side note, I like acting and was told by my drama teacher at school to go to drama school but I was too shy back then. Not now though.

            • With Raynard, I had a very difficult decision to make a while ago, and I ended up deciding I was not willing to do it. I don’t care how evil he gets, I am not. The prompt was a child’s toy. I had to decide whether to kill one or not, and I spoke to Jules about it, and told her I could not do it. It may be fiction, but there is absolutely no way I could ever possibly kill a child in a story. It’s bad enough killing a teenager with him. Anything under 15 to me is out of bounds. So I know what you mean about getting into the head of the bad guy.

              Going to send you a message on Facebook as it contains a spoiler 🙂

  4. The haiku rounded it up well…sometimes “reality” is the real illusion, created by we ourselves or by others to which we unknowingly subscribe…thought provoking this haibun…loved it!

  5. I love the thought & feeling behind this haibun.
    And – I will say – that I’m happy for social media & the WP. Imagine the people we’d be missing out on if not for the e-connections.

  6. This is deep, I feel your words are still falling inside me and haven’t hit bottom. I do want that, that moment of sure connection, and I think you are right, most people do.

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