Dating Sites Are A Rip Off

After chatting with a friend today, I decided to sign up to a dating site called AYI – Are You Interested. After looking through, I figured that I was really interested in finding someone, so I paid the fee and when I went to log in, I found that the site was under maintenance and couldn’t get on. I went out to meet my sister, so gave it time to finish. When I arrived home, I had emails saying I had messages so went to sign in. Again under maintenance. So I thought I would try something and created another account using a different email address. Funnily enough, I could get on with that. So I have contacted them and demanded my money back and telling them I would report them for their scam if they did not.

The left part of the image is with the paid account, and the right is at the same time with side that you have no access to anything with.


117 thoughts on “Dating Sites Are A Rip Off

  1. 2018 and they ALL are still RIP OFFS and scams. What is worse is these so called consumer reports, department of regulation, better business and similar are all in bed with these places.

  2. Avoid sex with grannies they are a total scam site you dont pay a monthly fee but buy credits at over a pound per message not seen anyone on there that are genuine they wont commit to meets all they are there for is to keep you chatting and costing you money ;plant put on by the site not genuine people wanting to met someone please be warned

    • Holy moly. I had a look at the site to see what it looked like, and with the name being so funny I had to check to see if it existed, and the images on the front page … wow. I am no prude but breakfast shots should be saved for if people want them.

      Images like that put me off them instantly anyway. If you have those, then you can be sure that they will try to steal your money rather than help you find “love”.

      Thanks for the heads up Brian.

  3. Whatever you do, don’t hook up with As a dating site they are a joke and a bad one at that. The site is only interested in the bottom line. They suspend an account if they believe you or the other person is about to hook up or that you or the other person are progressing; naturally you believe you have been blocked. Not so! It’s a means to try and get you to upgrade from standard to premium membership. Don’t do it: I usually complain & wait them out until they lift your suspended your membership. Then resume your conversation with whom ever you were chatting with prior to you being suspended. I have another profile also standard and I tell the other member to go to my other profile; if they think something is not kosher. Tell others about

    • Wow. That’s awful. I know with, if you accidentally make a match with someone, you can no longer contact them until one or the other have paid the premium. TO block people though, that’s well out of order.

    • To follow up; these guys on AF are true charlatans. This new tactic which they have lately employed, is this; two guys who I know,, have had the same thing happen to them. AF suspended there account’s and will only unlock it, if you pay premium membership. It’s like a protection racket of sorts. I know someone who works within AF, and she says the people who rate AF are not patrons or satisfied customers, but employee’s sent out to rate AF’s quality. They were okay once, but the tactics they are using lately are from the Mafia handbook. Tell anyone you know to avoid them like the plague. There are better sites than them, who are less motivated by the bottom line and more with customer satisfaction.

      • That’s mad. I know when my sister joined up with one, she was talking to someone, and then it told her that she had used up her message quota. She contacted the people and they told her she needed to join to message. When she told them that nowhere does it say that, they deleted her account. I know some people have met people through these dating sites, a couple I know did. That was a couple of years ago though, and now, they have seen how they can twist people who want to find someone. They are heavy handed money grabbers who don’t give a damn about the happiness of people

    • Im sure you know first hand Mike Hyde about all the dating sites,, lol since you are on them during your whole relationship with your gf!! Abuse at its finest!! Dating sites are full of bad men who prey on needy women. They plan out their hidden agenda, leading them on. You find out later on,, the freak was with you,, putting his cell on airplane mode to hide all the incoming texts!! Dating sites are NOT the way to meet decent men.

      • Hi Princess. I have removed your email address in case it can be traced.

        Any person who is on a dating site whilst in a relationship is a low kind of low. It means they are intending on cheating. I was married to a serial cheat – I only found out after we split.

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  5. Hi Al πŸ˜€ It’s about time I had a chat with you and this post is a good place to do it. I have never used a dating agency and probably never will as I am a bit wary of who is posing as what. I think that if you are really serious in getting that sofa cuddle, stay here with your blogging. There are a lot of women who love you through your blog. I know that most of them are married or attached, but I am sure that there are a few singletons that tilt their heads and say, yes, he’s a nice honest guy, I could go for that. I’m 50/50 about a relationship. I like my own company and I don’t have to compromise with myself. On the other hand it would be nice to have a wench around the house. Look at Tim (Forester) and Mary, they met blogging and it’s a wonderful marriage they have. Just tell them in a post : Hey, I’m here, available, come and get me ! See what happens. Ralph πŸ˜€

    • Heh. Thanks Ralph. I have used them three times and each time something bad has happened. I will not use them again. Too scary.

      I don’t know about that with the singletons and my blog. I am scared that no one will answer and I end up embarrassing myself. People may like me for what I do, but I think you will find that they don’t like me romantically. Thank you though πŸ™‚ Have a great weekend Ralph.

      • Look through what you have written in these comments here and put it all in a post. Women love men who open up to them as very few men do. You don’t need to be macho just be yourself.
        I tell you what. I’ll draft a simple “I’m available” (probably in English and Spanish) post in my blog, you do the same, we’ll tell our readers that the other blogger has done the same at the same time. Publish our posts at the same time. (Synchronise emails) and see what happens. You up for it ?

    • There is, I have managed to get that one going now. I don’t know if it was a glitch or if it was threat of trading standards but I am on there now. And have responded to several posts, all of which stopped once I posted a photo. Which is probably why I don’t use photos of me LOL

        • Thank you for saying, but it wasn’t to get you to say “yes you are”. The angle is wrong, the lighting is wrong, the look on my face is wrong, probably the length of the hair and the facial hair doesn’t work. Although people say that looks don’t account for getting to know someone, in 88% of the cases, the looks are what the first impression is based on

          • True but when a person has a good heart the beauty shines. Just a beautifully person with a nasty disposition can be ugly. I know you didn’t say this to fish for a compliment. I know you aren’t shallow.

            • Have you ever seen the film Shallow Hal? It is about someone who is so shallow that he will only see people for their surface looks. He has a curse put on him that he will only see the inside of the woman. He falls for Gwyneth Paltrow who is morbidly obese in the film, but he sees her as a beautiful woman. And then there is a stunning woman who is seriously ugly as he can see

            • Yes I remember Shallow Hal a good movie funny but a great message. Another movie A Family Thing James Earl Jones and Robert Duval played brothers who meet as adults. James tells his blind grandmother that Duval is white. The grandmother says she doesn’t have the luxury of judging people by their looks. That line in the movie stood out. It really made me pause.

  6. Ah, not good I only tried one once and got ripped off for Β£250. Which I am afraid I never got back, and this was a week before Xmas and was all the money in my bank. All the Bank could do was give me an emergency Over draft. So for me I would only try the big names and I Google things twice as much now.

    “Company name/website” + complaints – usually give me an idea if there scamers πŸ™‚

  7. Oh dear Lord! I’m sorry you had such a bad experience…..and I’m sorry you are looking online for someone. I hope the right one comes along sooner than later! πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Courtney. I have decided to give up on it as it would mean adding a photo of me, and that is something I am not comfortable with

  8. The internet just seems to dodgy sometimes…I hope you get some hook ups with some fascinating females. The internet is good for meeting people though, especially for us shy guys.

    • I did meet up with a couple last year which put me off for a while. One told me that where we went was where an ex-boyfriend suggested and that her ex-husband lived around the corner. The other – well, I don’t even know her name as it kept changing, as did her date of birth πŸ˜†

      Thanks Ste J

      • Crikey! There are some strange people out there…it does keep the days interesting I suppose. There are always great stories on these sort of meetings.

            • Very true. Although someone I met through the internet … that didn’t turn out well. There are some very good stories, and some complete horror stories.

  9. Awful. Hope you get your money back. And reminded why I’m glad I’m not in the not mess that is the dating scene now! I promise you, if ever I find myself single again, it’s a monastic life for me.

  10. I am so sorry to read that they scammed you. As I was the person who suggested you have a competition on your blog and that gave you the idea to sign up to a dating site, I feel a bit bad, sorry. There seems to be many people who already love you on your blog, and have got to know you, and that is why I suggested it – Plus it would be free. A couple of years ago I was on e-Harmony but didn’t get any suitable matches. I ended up communicating with 3 people off the site and none of them were right for me. I have considered going one other dating site, but I am very independent and love my single life, plus I am so busy, so not sure if it would be the right thing for me to do. I am very particular about the type of person I want and if I didn’t get the right person I would much rather be on my own forever. Most dating websites do require you to either have a photo or the people on there will want to see a photo before communicating much with you. You do realise you can still meet people at a club or pub! I still go clubbing occasionally, although I go for the dancing, not to meet someone.

    • I am awful with face to face. I am nervous, shy and trip over my own words lol

      No need to apologise. It wasn’t so much you, I have a friend who met someone through AYI and I thought i would give it a go πŸ™‚ I was thinking of going onto again after we spoke, but when she mentioned she met this guy on there, I thought I would give that a go. Turns out she had a bad experience with it as well. The guy saw her a few times, got what he wanted and then vanished into the wind with no call or text.

      As for using my photo, I know I will have to, I am just worried because it is a long time since I have had a photo taken, and the they were far from flattering

      • Horrid of that guy to treat her way. I know what you mean about the photo. I was a bit nervous about putting a new photo of me on Facebook, as I have longer hair and it’s in a slightly different style. Also the clothes I am wearing are casual clothes and I am without make-up, so I didn’t know what the reaction would be.

        • When I took the photo I noticed I have a wonky eye so that is really affecting the way I look at people now. I try to hide my face. On the plus side, them messages seem to have done the trick. I now have access again πŸ™‚

          And people are saying they really like me. I have no photo and no bio. Only that I like photography, action films, reading, and the film Alien. As well CSI and Dr Who. They know nothing about me and yet are willing to say “I like you” At least I can be picky.

  11. Well Al, I hope you get your money back! There are many scams out there and those which ask you to share your private information you have to be very careful with, I hope you paid for it through pay-pal or some other private source…if you did not check your accounts to see if small amts start being debited…it happened to my wife one time, and we immediately called the bank and had them close that debit card and issue a new one. Always be careful my friend! God bless you always my brother!

    • I had that with my credit card once and it turned out to be my daughter had accidentally set up her iTunes with it instead of her debit card and couldn’t work out why she was getting stuff and not paying for it lol

      I pay for things by paypal whenever possible it is the safest way to do it, and only when I open the page myself.

      Thank you Wendell πŸ™‚

  12. I do hope you get your money back. I never heard of them. I go for the free ones. But then I have not found my prince either…..for free! πŸ™‚

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  14. Oh dear! I would only trust one of the big dating sites, and there is the added bonus of having the most number of people on them in your area, these smaller sites (if it wasn’t a scam) wouldn’t have many people on anyway. πŸ™‚ Sorry you got stung.

  15. Well that’s craptacular! Hope you get your money back.
    Happy to see that despite your past online dating experience – that you are all for not giving up. You ROCK! And – someone better recognize that fast before they miss out on your wonderful spirit & heart.

    • Haha thank you, but I’m afraid that is something that won’t happen. This is me πŸ™‚ Things like that don’t happen to me.

  16. This is appalling, I hope you do get your money back Al. I met my husband on an internet dating site! I might have to write about my experience! It was 10 years ago and a lot more dating sites have appeared since then so I can’t comment on any of them but the one I used was called I think. Probably not there anymore. Have you tried or Eharmony? I heard they were quite good. But don’t quote me on that! I wish you the best of luck πŸ™‚

    • I was on and last year when I met someone who was completely not who she said she was. At that point I decided to give up for a while as I was also having other issues. On match, a woman said we should meet and come off of there. I said okay we could meet in a town between mine and hers but she never replied after that.

      • Oh, that doesn’t sound good. I met someone once who turned up late at the pub where we had arranged to meet. I hadn’t eaten and thought we were going to get a meal but when I started getting hungry and suggested that we go inside and order (we were in the garden and it was getting cold) he said that he didn’t want to go inside and that he had already eaten!! The only thing he talked about was his car. Needless to say I left early. It can be a minefield I admit that.

        • I did have a date prior and she suggested somewhere I had never heard of. We met and she told me that she knew of the place because someone she had a date with took her there. Whilst there, she told me about the people she had been talking to on the dating site the night before and that her ex-husband lived around that area. Needless to say, there was no second date

  17. I hope you get your refund – that’s appalling! Are you going to try on a different site? I know lots of people that internet dating has led them to the love of their life so you never know πŸ˜‰

  18. Hope they give you your money back ASAP.

    Dating sites give me more anxiety than they are worth (your results probably will vary). I wish mail-order husbands weren’t so darn expensive. And rare.

    • I know what you mean. I was told that I should host a competition on my blog to find a date. LOL Which was one of the reasons I wanted to try a dating site again but I couldn’t put any details on. It is infuriating how they rip off

      • Oh, blog dating competition sounds ilike fun! What could possibly go wrong there?

        So, um, how YOU doin? LOL

        If (big IF) I ever get the courage to go online to find someone again, I might leave it y’all to write my profile for me. πŸ˜€

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