Amazing The Things You See

Over the last couple of days I have been taking photos here and there, and some have turned out quite nice. Others – absolutely rubbish, but some okay. These are a few of the okay ones.

A sunrise over the docks

A river into a tunnel

A plant in a sea of plants

A tree bud

A view of the castle. At the centre bottom, you can see the church that was destroyed next to the oldest pub in Dover. I was standing by the oldest Inn in Dover. The pub claims to be around 1280 or something, and the Inn claims to be 1769.

26 thoughts on “Amazing The Things You See

  1. They are all wonderful of course……is the church the same one in your earlier photos? The one we discussed being from 12th century? I LOVE that! (psst I’ve missed your pics 😉

    • Thank you Courtney. Yes it is that one 🙂 I tried to get that at a better angle, but I would have lost the castle, or that white building would have taken up more of the view

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