The Man Who Abseils by Cliff Edge

Okay, so that was a sad joke. Almost as bad as the Gardening Guide by Doug Spade; or Running To Town by Miss D Buss; How To Tie Shoelaces by Ben Dover; Entering the Madhouse by Lou Nattikk; Telling The Time by Hans Tern. I’ll stop now.

Over the last few days, the workers have been attaching wire to the cliffs to, I assume, stop any more landslides. Just around the corner some of the cliffs gave way and crumpled. If they were to do that here, it would crush the houses. I would love to do something like this.

52 thoughts on “The Man Who Abseils by Cliff Edge

  1. It’s actually fruitless to try to stop landslides. Right now, in the U.S. state of Washington, a small community is recovering from a particularly nasty mudslide that’s left at least 14 people dead and about 90 missing. Just a few years ago geologists warned the town’s leaders and residents that it was built against a mountain with grave potential for landslides, especially after heavy rains.

    It’s the same with people who build homes right along sea coasts where tropical storm systems can strike, or river banks where flooding can occur. I realize there’s no place on Earth safe from nature’s wrath, but people can do things to mitigate the potential for disaster. Here in northeast Texas, we’re prone to tornadoes and hail storms. Unless we build subterranean communities, we deal with those threats by watching the weather when it turns bad and seeking shelter if necessary.

    Still, there are people who build homes way out in the middle of the forest because they want to get away from the big city. Then, when a wildfire threatens their humble abode, they start screaming because firefighters can’t get there fast enough.

    • The Washington State slide is second top story here as well (after money). They may not stop the landslides, but they may contain it so it goes behind the houses.

      • I don’t think I would be able to do the “hang off the side is a cliff thing” but I have been sky diving before. It’s awesome!!! I would own a parachute and plan end do it every weekend if I could…..

        • Oh wow!! I would love that! The wind in your hair, the adrenaline, the terminal velocity, the screaming wind.

          For sale. One parachute. Used once. Never opened. Slight stain.

          • HA HA! You’re funny! No stains please….thanks! ;-P
            And that is exactly how it feels. You never feel like you are falling….only flying! Or the rush of wind if you were on a motorcycle going 120 mph (or is that kph) whichever, “almost” the greatest physical feeling in the world. ALMOST! LOL!

            • I said to a friend last night that if you give up smoking, drinking and sex, you don’t live longer it just seems like it … I know!! haha

            • Most people think (or so they say) it is the greatest feeling in the world. Personally I would rather sky dive. I often wonder who “they” are and why I should listen to “them”! LOL! 😉

            • Well…I don’t smoke, drink rarely and the other is also so rare that I haveta get my kicks in other ways! You know…like sky diving!! LOL! (if does feel like I am going to live a long time) *sigh* is that a good thing??

  2. Great shots. How amazing to see such action and drama occurring all around you. We live in very interesting times. As for abseiling for a job – personally I’d be scared witless.

    • Yeah, just think of the adrenaline rush of a missed step! Won’t fall because you’re roped, may get a little bruised but it would make the heart miss a few beats 😀

      Thanks Suzanne I appreciate you coming by 🙂

    • One of them dropped a drill and I winced until it stopped at the end of the rope he had attached to it :-)I would love to do something like that, although I can’t anymore. Such a shame

  3. I never really thought how they do that before on the mountains. Now I have an idea!

    Great pictures!

  4. My parents live in Dawlish, and besides some of the railway line having been demolished by the severe weather conditions, apparently there has been a landslide too, further up the track. Good photos. Hope the landslide didn’t harm anyone.

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