Dirty Little Secret

♫I’ll keep you my dirty little secret
(dirty little secret)
Don’t tell anyone or you’ll be
just another egret♪

March 08 2013

Egret – March 8th 2013

17 thoughts on “Dirty Little Secret

        • LOL One of the things about being a listening ear is that I hear things, and if I am not told they are in confidence, I assume that they are so I have quite a lot of secrets. From people’s names all through to murderers body dumps. Okay, so not the last one 😉

          • OH so you know where the bodies are buried, huh? Good to know!! Also good to know you are a vault. I know so many people who are not 😦
            I suppose by THAT definition I know several “secrets” but they belong to others. As for me? Well…. I have my own, I just don’t tell anyone! LOL!

            • Shhhhh. That’s our secret haha.

              I was talking to my sister about it today as we were in a cafe (last time we will use it) and after a customer left, they started talking about her to other customers!! Makes me wonder if they talk about us as well. They may be cheap, but won’t be going back

    • I was listening to it on my iPhone on the way home and changed it from regret to egret, and just needed to share it to make people smile 🙂

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