SPF – The Fog Of War?

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This is part of an ongoing saga and there is reference to a previous story. The ongoing one is

Daniel’s Legacy: Dan’s Story

and the previous is

Daniel’s Story

52 03 March 23rd 2014

The Fog of War?

Dahlia looked into Dan’s three eyes trying to see the cause of the fear and worry he felt. He shook his head trying to remove the image of the dead bodies from his mind. Dahlia took his hands, his organic and prosthetic, and led him to the cliff overlooking the bay. They watched a fog roll in as she placed two of her arms around his shoulder and pulled him into her. She laid one hand on his waist, and the other stroking his head, running a thumb behind his ear to relax him.

As the fog covered the water, Dahlia’s hand stopped suddenly, causing Dan to awaken with a start. He followed her gaze and saw two small ships coming out of the low clouds with humans standing on prows with weapons that they pointed toward the beach.

Dan felt sick as memories of his history lessons and his ancestor, Daniel, sprang to the fore of his memory. Looking at Dahlia, he could see the fear in her eyes as well. Something told him that these were the ones responsible for the murders. Now, more would certainly follow. Many more. He hoped history was not about to repeat itself.

11 thoughts on “SPF – The Fog Of War?

  1. It seems the chase is on again. Poor Dan finally gets a moment of peace and comfort and it’s broken by these guys again. At least he has Dahlia with him.

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