The Red String – Fairy Tale Challenge #1

A new weekly challenge has hosted at MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie and run by Anja at Oh PIthy Me. This week is the first week and says:

There is an old Chinese folklore about a red string of fate that connects two people that are destined to be soul mates.

The belief is that the red string is tied to the pinky of every person and it stretches all they way to the pinky of their soulmate wherever they may be…regardless of time. The legend says the red string of fate can be stretched and tangled but it will never break.


Fourteen years passed since Denine died after a lethal injection. Josie still felt the pain every week, every month, every year, every day. Denine had been her friend through so many trials; and had been her confidante; her keeper of secrets; telling no one and never judging her.  Josie looked at the photo on the mantle, smiling at the red string tied to the collar of Denine, her Pit-bull Terrier, and absently fiddled with the matching red string attached to her bracelet.

Josie kissed her index and middle finger, and then laid them on the nose of Denine in the photograph. Leaving the house, she took one more glance at the image as she always had done for the last fourteen years.  Her neighbour smiled a greeting as Josie climbed into her car, waving a return before driving off.

*** *** *** ***


Josie looked in the window of a dress shop, stretching up to see how the reflection suited her. Smiling, she turned away and saw a young girl of about twelve looking at her. Nodding at the girl, she made her way to the next shop, looked in the window, and noticed the reflection of the girl still watching her. Flinching uncomfortably, the woman hurried off to try to create a distance between her and the girl. As she made her way through the crowds, she looked in several of the windows, and saw the girl hurrying behind her, trying to catch up. Josie began to feel terror rise in her stomach.

Rounding the edge of a shop, she realised that in her panic, she had taken a wrong turn and turn and this was a dead end. She spun and saw the pre-teen standing in front of her.

                “Please … what do you want?” Josie asked in a quivering voice.

                “I had to find you. I have seen your face for years. You have been in my dreams, you have been in my imaginations, and you have been in my thoughts. Every moment I am awake and every moment I am asleep I see you,” the young girl said, her voice becoming faster as she spoke. “I knew you would be here today, I saw it last night whilst I slept”

“Who are you?” the older woman asked.

The young girl smiled and said “Dennie” and held out her hand in greeting. As her sleeve moved up, a red string attached to her wristwatch became visible.

** If you are confused, I was referring to reincarnation with the red string travelling from the dog Denine to the girl, Dennie.


39 thoughts on “The Red String – Fairy Tale Challenge #1

  1. Really wonderful story and thank you for sharing the link etc. Truly inspired and creative -er – writing – on this prompt Al 🙂

    • I was looking at the photo of my dog when I thought of it. Although my dog wasn’t a Pit-bull, I wanted to show that Pit-bulls aren’t as nasty as they are made out ot be.

        • There was a program the other day, and they said that more people had been killed by Jack Russells but the focus is still on Pit-bulls. I have always said it is the way they are raised and treated

          • Was that article in the UK or all over? I haven’t heard of Jack Russells killing humans! That’s crazy! I have to look that one up. They are awesome horse dogs…..
            In the US, if you have a Pit or a Chow or certain other breeds it can actually affect your home owners insurance! Some companies won’t give you renters insurance if you own certain breeds like Pits either…. sad 😦

            • Anyone with a pit-bull has to have a license as they are a dangerous breed. If you don’t have one, the dog can be taken and destroyed.

              It was a program that was on about dangerous dogs dealing with British Pit-bulls, bull mastiffs, GSD’s (German Shepherd Dogs – Alsations) dobermans (or is that dobermen 😉 ) and she said in there that Jack Russells and Spaniels had killed more people. Didn’t say if it was world wide or if it was a combined total. I have seen someone bitten in the armpit by a Jack. I’ve been bitten by a Collie, labrador, several mongrels, cross breeds, rottweiler plus others. Probably explains why I am scared of dogs lol.

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