The End of March

As the end of March approaches – very fast – I have decided to post a few photos I took today. The ducks on the Weir were funny. As we came around the corner, they were just going over it. I was hoping they would do it again, or the other duck would, but I had to settle for them drinking the water and standing on the top.

Also, the magnolia plant looks very pretty, and the first image is the buds on a weeping willow tree. I hope April is a very good month for you all.

All Great Changes Are Preceded By Chaos

I would like to thank Christina ~ for the title. I saw it on her Facebook page and thought it was a very good starting board for today’s post.

Change is not always bad, or should I say the end result of a great change is not always bad. Every time something changes on a great scale, there is rarely a subtle change. Normally there is something that comes close to breaking us first, or actually does break us. It brings us to our knees and leaves us not wanting to stand again. We want to stay down there as we feel that we can’t be harmed any more if we are small and insignificant. Not the case though, the change will come whenever and wherever we are. This will, of course, be followed by something behind that will blow that chaos out of the window. It will place us in a position where we expect another bout of damage to come in, but once we have taken as much as we can handle, we are given the helping hand up that will allow us to survey the devastation and see the change that has come from it. That will allow us to move on and become greater than we were.

Change can be good. Our lives depend on change to keep us moving forward. Without change we become stagnant and complacent.

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