The End of March

As the end of March approaches – very fast – I have decided to post a few photos I took today. The ducks on the Weir were funny. As we came around the corner, they were just going over it. I was hoping they would do it again, or the other duck would, but I had to settle for them drinking the water and standing on the top.

Also, the magnolia plant looks very pretty, and the first image is the buds on a weeping willow tree. I hope April is a very good month for you all.

46 thoughts on “The End of March

    • Wasn’t any of those ones. I think it was an albatross the amount of mess it made haha. I’m not sure what the tree is, but it sure looks pretty πŸ™‚

  1. The ducks drinking are hilarious, and the spring blooms are GLORIOUS. THERE IS HOPE! My daffodils are just poking through the soil. Is your Dover spring usually this far along at this time in March?

    • Sometimes our Spring starts in February. I have some photos from last year when March was snow joke and there were flowers poking their heads out of the snow

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