Friday Fictioneers: Enter Stage Centre

Rochelle hosts Fridays Fictioneers every week.


Oklahoma 1894

The stage lay quiet after the latest show. Two figures stood in the shadows as the stage-manager walked out onto the boards, looking up at the lights.

One figure stepped out and silently approached the stage. She leapt up and landed behind the manager with no sound.

She stood behind him, looking up at the same light, and then suddenly spoke, “looks good.” The stage-manager shrieked and the woman giggled and waved her trainee over to her. “I have a present for you young one.”

“Thank you Moria”, Raynard said and bit into the neck of the stage-manager.


This is part of the Vampire saga involving Raynard and Saskia. Moria is Raynard’s “Sire”


36 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Enter Stage Centre

  1. I finally got here…
    But was slightly confused as I was trying to up date my story page and your last episode isn’t in your page…

    But now it is in mine 🙂

    The stage, behind the scenes is always a good place to find Vampires 🙂

  2. Hmmm, I’m just ready to have some breakfast. This is NOT what I’m having. 🙂 Seems as though on a stage there should be plenty wood for stakes. But you have to realize the vampire’s sneaking up on you so you can be ready.


  3. Man, those pesky vampires and their penchant for sneaking up on people. So many actors and theater people are getting slaughtered because of this photo. It’s enough to make anyone re-think a career on the stage!

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