SPF – A Rocky Meeting

SPF is Sunday Photo Fiction. Every week a new photo is used as a prompt for around 200 words. If you want to take part, take a look here or if you want to see what others have written, take a look here.

This story is part of an ongoing saga – Daniel’s Legacy: Dan’s Story which you can read the full story here.

53 03 March 30th 2014

Racing to the shoreline, Dan and Dahlia hoped to alert the Enforcers of the imminent landing of the humans before they reach very far. As they turned one corner, they ran into a group of humans armed with laser rifles. Before they could react, the two Vakarians found themselves ushered into a building close by where two of the bipeds pored over a large map. They looked up as the tripeds entered the room.

One human, a female, chewing on a cigar walked around the table to examine her guests. “You must be the descendant,” she said as she looked into Dan’s eyes. “We need your help. Your people and my people are dying and someone in your Enforcers is responsible. If we walk in and make accusations, we will be branded as trouble makers.” She opened the rear door and waved them out. “You have been looking into it and we need to find who is responsible before Human / Vakarian relations turn sour and we all know the history of the times that has happened.”

They reached a huge pile of rocks that her men were moving. In amongst the rubble, Dan could see Human and Vakarian limbs.

13 thoughts on “SPF – A Rocky Meeting

    • Thanks Eric. I didn’t want to plunge it into another bloody war. I can’t remember though if i have stated that Dan is a Private Investigator. I will have to go back and check. If I haven’t then it something that “ended up on the cutting room floor”. I’m planning on making her a hard bitch but knows what’s right and commands respect.

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