Haibun Thinking Week 11 2014

If you want to know more about the Haibun Thinking challenge, then head here.. I have decided to use the postcard as the prompt for this story.

As children they would play together, they would play with their hoops; they would look for cars and carriages. At sixteen, they started exploring each other, and at twenty-one they married. They spent years together, with the turn of the century being a big time of their life. Their children came along at the turn of the century, and he became a sailor and rose through the ranks fast.

Tensions began to mount in the early nineteen-teens. His son would send a post card to him every week, and every week he would send one in return no matter where he was. He would always mention a landmark of the last port they visited.

His ship left England to head to the US. He never received his son’s last postcard

Lusitania sinks
causing a catastrophic event
that saw the loss of millions

*The Lusitania was destroyed in 1915 plunging the US into World War I

26 thoughts on “Haibun Thinking Week 11 2014

  1. Well written, a sad memory of a war where so many died. I was hollowed out by illness last week, and couldn’t find my words. Luckily, they are returning slowly.

    • Thank you Brenda, and I hope you are feeling better. The first World War was supposed to be “The Great War”, “The War to End All Wars” but all it did was gave a footing for more ways to kill 😦

    • Way too many. I was going to do Pearl Harbour or a soldier, but thought Lusitania would be better and more bramatic

    • Thank you 🙂 I have no idea if there were any errors. I had to do this and schedule tomorrows in a little over half an hour.

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