The Second Request a Review


The Second Request is a story that is set on an army base in Scotland, not long after it has gained its independence from the United Kingdom. Several children mysteriously and impossibly vanish from beds, from locked rooms, from a classroom where there is no possible exit.

Shortly after, the children return – walking up the road to the base and seemingly no worse for wear, in fact they are very happy. Every vanished child returns, as do some that disappeared from various other places. Then a stranger turns up with two requests. The second he will only give once an agreement is reached on the first and very difficult request.

The book has you holding your breath at several places and brings tears to your eyes in others. The layout of the book is unique in one sentence a line format, which really should not work but it does. I can’t say too much on this book as it is short and goes straight into the story, but it is a worthy, short read and shows the damage humanity is doing to this world, and there are some very impressive twists and surprises.

I WILL read this one again!

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If you want to know more about the author, AnElephantCant, then head over here

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