The First Ten Days

These are some photos from the first ten days of April. They are nowhere near as clear as I was hoping they would be. I think I am losing my touch with the close-ups and the far offs. I think I need to reset my camera and start again with it.

25 thoughts on “The First Ten Days

  1. I seem to have missed lots of posts last week. I had my God daughter here to stay and I showed her London. So I need to catch up now. She loved London and I am very happy! We had a lovely time together. There might be a post coming up about it….

    • Fantastic 🙂 You are a good guide Ute. What’s not to love? You know all the best parts and are great company. I look forward to the post if you decide to write it 🙂

      • Thanks Al, I did some mega tours with her, she is only 17 and fit. ” days we walked more than 9 miles through town, and loved it. I am tired out now…. need to make my tours a bit shorter I think as I get older… hehe

  2. I love your photography Al. We tend to be our own worst critic at times. Are those cherry blossoms that are falling from the trees that make it look like it is snowing?

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  4. The timing on some of these is amazing. I want to add captions to the bird pictures, and the spring “snowfall” is amazing.

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