All About Me?

Ralph and I have decided that we would create a blog post based on my post, “Dating Sites Are a Rip Off”. We would both write a “singles ad” with mine based on the comments of that post, and post them at the same time. Therefore, this post is from what people have said about me. I will say that Sandra from Quirky Books commented a while ago that I should use my blog as a platform to find someone. She said there are plenty of women out there who like me. That does sound uncomfortable saying that. Oh well, here goes.

After the suggestion of using the blog as a platform as a way of finding a date, or a prospective partner, I stated that I am worried about not receiving a response and embarrassing myself by having a post just sitting there gathering dust. I miss cuddles on the sofa whilst watching TV or reading together, or playing silly games. I miss cooking for someone else other than my children or myself.  I have no idea if anyone likes me romantically, (preferably in my own country as I have difficulty getting elsewhere in the world).

I am a romantic, I like writing poetry and I feel I would be able to write specific poetry for a person as well. I have been described by fellow bloggers as “having a good heart”, “nice hair”, “not bad-looking”, “have a wonderful spirit”.

I am missing that one person to spend my time with. To enjoy evenings, days, sunset walks and just sitting on the beach. I have no idea if that person is there for me, but you never know.

My email address is on my about page.

If you are after someone different, then how about Ralph? The photo is that of Ralph, not me. I would be impressed if you managed to find a photo of me as I tend to remove them.

This is Ralph, not me. I am slightly younger


118 thoughts on “All About Me?

  1. Your ad is so compelling that even I might be tempted to respond to it, except that my wife might not like it. You are a good soul who DESERVES to find the love of your life.

  2. Reblogged this on quirkybooks and commented:
    Hi everyone

    My friend and fellow blogger Al, is looking for love, so please show him some. Read his blog to find out more about what he would like and what he has to offer, he is a terrific guy and deserves to have an awesome lady by his side. Will it be you? Please take a look.

    Thanks my friends.

    Write soon

  3. Hi Al, I am glad you took my advice and yes, I think people will want to see a photo of you, and you should do a follow up serious post with the photo. I think your personality is gorgeous Al, as I am controversially a cougar and attracted to guys who are about 10 years younger than me, with short hair and clean shaven, I am guessing it’s a no-go. If I could bottle your personality and put it into a younger guy (no offense to you), I think he would be the almost perfect guy. Hey! No one is perfect, right! You are my BOMFF though.

    • __If I could bottle your personality and put it into a younger guy (no offense to you), I think he would be the almost perfect guy__ … that is a most wonderful compliment thank you Sandra 🙂

        • Maybe you should try someone in their forties then hehe (just kidding) A woman normally wants more than that, but it’s a start 🙂

          • If I was interested in being with an older guy, with a mustache, long hair and tatoos in a romantic way, then I would of course let you know, and thanks for asking me, I am flattered. I am just not physically attracted to guys in their 40s, I think they are too old for me and the thought of being physically close to them and kissing them does not feel good at all and that’s being polite about it. It would have to be an extremely young looking guy in his 40s with short brown hair, clean shaven, thin, not muscly, being quirky I don’t like muscly men like a ton of women do, they remind me of an armadillo. I would also prefer a guy to not have tattoos, not that there is anything wrong with them, they are just not my type of thing. I prefer a guy between the age of 24 and 28 and I usually have a lot more in common with younger guys. I get bored easily and like to go out and do things such as the cinema, theatre, theme parks, zoos, aquariums, go out for meals and the occasional pub or club. I would rather do my work than spend much time watching TV and I like to live life to the max. It is hard because most young guys are sex mad, and so are a lot of older ones too, but being quirky, I am not really interested in that at all and could happily be single for the rest of my life in that way. I do enjoy kissing though, just not an older guy, or older looking guy. A lot of guys my age or some a couple of years younger than me, still look too old for me. It’s a dilemma. That’s why I will stick to being single. By being young it’s good therapy for my Fibro and helps me live a good and happy life. There is still a ton of stuff I want to do with my life. I also love noise and most older guys love quiet, no good for me.

            • I love that 😀 Made me laugh. I know a lot of younger men like the cougar, they look at them as having experience – either that or a mother figure, it’s just figuring out which is which. I have a minimum age that will go to on either side of my age. I will go down to 40 at a push. Anything younger than that is just not right to me. Although there are always exceptions to the rule. I won’t go above 51. Basically, I will go five years either side. One of the reasons my ex-wife cheated on me so often was because I was not sex mad, but I am not going to talk anymore about that as it brings back some very unpleasant memories. I think a lot of mine is to do with the nerve damage. It gets on the nerves 😉 Even when I was in my 20s I didn’t like going to the clubs. Or if I did, I would spend my time hiding in the corner. Much like today really haha. The way you are, does tell your Fibro that it does not control you, and that you control it You will find your toy boy soon 🙂

  4. Al, I do pray and hope that you will find a lady who truly loves you for who you are and who will adore your kids as her own. May God meet all your heart’s desires, my dear Al 🙂

  5. I don’t know what to say except I pray that both you and Ralph find wonderful companions. You both have such kind hearts and I have seen you grow so much Al this past year. The very best to you always. 🙂

    • Thank you LuAnn. I did this to help Ralph, and he seems to be getting a lot of attention, so it may be working for him 🙂

      • You must believe in some of those inspirational quotes you so kindly give us. You are such a wonderful man Al. I wish I knew someone I could send your way.

        • I’m more the person that people see as a brother or a friend 🙂 I’m glad to be able to be there for people and help them

          • I have been that person as well, many times in my life. Terry came along when I wasn’t looking and really was not ready. He was just persistent. We just never know what life has in store. We just need to be open to whatever comes our way.

  6. Blogging, I think would beat dating websites as you are sharing your true self not just awkwardly putting down likes and dislikes and doing some math thingy. It is an effective way to get attention from ladies as I can attest to that fact even though some of that attention was accidental.

    • That attention was one of the reasons I removed my photo. I suppose if I am seriously thinking of doing this, then I should put a photo back on. Although I haven’t decided yet whether to be serious or not. I am generally doing this to help Ralph

  7. Alastair, you have a good soul. I’m sure you’ll find the right person with whom to live your life and enjoy all the blessings received as a gift. Likewise, Ralph will find the right person.
    I wish you much success for it.
    Be careful, the relationships the internet can sometimes bring great disappointments.

    Have a wonderful evening, Alastair! 🙂

    • Thanks Stefania. I have dated three women from the internet and none of them turned out long term material. I wasn’t what they wanted

  8. Good luck Al, hope you find the perfect person for you. I am proof that it is possible to find that special person via blogging, so maybe that will give you hope. Bruce and I have been together 18 months now, and still very happy together. It can happen 🙂

  9. Al and Ralph, you too are great and so funny. What a great idea! Never give up, one day your princess will be coming! Both of you are great characters and lovely guys and I have met you both. You need to believe in yourself and love who you are. Then she will come along.
    Wishing you both the best of luck. We all need cuddles….. 😉

  10. I just finished reading Ralph’s post too. You guys are somethin’ else. And – I really do hope that someone worthy of your kind hearst responds.
    And – if there should be an “I do” in the future – I’m already RSVPing YES! 🙂

  11. You sound like a charmer. Hope you find someone. I’m out of the running because I live on the other side of the world. What a great idea though – using your blog to find that special someone. Good luck. 🙂

  12. Leaves me out I’m in another country. Even though I would like to see the places you photograph, I don’t fly. I’m sure you will find someone. There’s someone out there for you.

    • No, I’m not the kind of guy women tend to want 🙂 Thanks anyway though Kim. If I do meet someone, I think it will be just bumping into them – literally. The women on here, either live in a different country, are married or just are not interested. I thought I would give it a go to give Ralph a hand to find someone though, so it may work for him. He lives in Spain so he is more likely to have someone come see him there 🙂

  13. I don’t think I followed up on the original post, other than my own online dating rants. Everything you say about just wanting to be with someone in “those” moments is exactly how I feel.

    Internet dating scares me to death, only because my last experience went so well until it crashed horribly. Now, granted, he did act like a total jerk and was ugly about how he cut me off, but it still has me worried about investing in anyone again (online or off). I’m good at being single or being in a committed relationship; it’s the in-between part is what I have trouble finding.

    Too bad you aren’t over here…though, you are in the country I would like to end up in eventually. Hmmm… 😀

    • I did have a date earlier in the week, but she immediately thought that it meant we move in together. That definitely shows me that I would rather saw off my own testicles with a blunt hacksaw that has missing teeth than use a dating site again. All three I have met through the blog have been been wrong. Maybe it is my lot to remain single until the end of days

      Some men are worse than the women though. Some are only there to use and abuse. “Catfish” they are called.

      • My situation wasn’t a Catfish one, but definitely I was being used as a way to boost their ego.

        Lesson learned: If the popular kid says they are interested in the dorky outcast, you need to ask more questions. (hint: I am not the popular kid in this situation)

        At least my cats will always love me. As long as I have food, of course 🙂

        • I know what you mean there. When this girl spoke to me on the dating site, I wanted to know why me. No-one ever talks to me first on them places LOL

          • Hey, I won’t even start most FB chats with friends (don’t want to bug people), much less make the first move on someone. Some people are just bolder than others.

  14. Well done my friend. You have said all that’s need to be said. You’ve cast your line. Now let’s see if you can hook a beauty for you. Good luck !! Ralph 😀

    PS. WP has gone funny, slow and Likes aren’t loading. Must be a lot of women thinking on our blogs 😀 heehee

    • I think it must. They are overloading our servers 😉 I added your photo afterwards to have the photo rather than just a link 🙂

      • Thanks Al. I saw the photo. Hey ! NotAPunkRocker has her eyes on you !!
        I’ve already got one email. There is $1 million for me to collect 😉

        • (I think Al has followed my blog long enough to be scared off, but glad to have found your blog now! Good luck in your search!)

        • HAHA I would put my email address on, but I already have enough Aunt Claras, Nigerian bankers and lottery winners wanting my help 😉

          • I tried to find your email address this morning, so that’s why I couldn’t find it. I haven’t had an Aunt Clara yet. That’s 50 points to you then 😀

            • Haha 🙂 If you go to one of my comments on your blog, and select EDIT, it shows you the email address. I did send you an email earlier. Not sure if it went into the spam though

            • That’s true. I forgot that and on looking it’s also on your comment email at the bottom. Silly me !!
              Your email must have gone into spam. I don’t check through any more as I get about 1,000 a day in my dashboard spam.

  15. As you are, so am I also waiting for that special person in my life. I also must remain here in my own area as funding doesn’t allow me to go over seas. I wish you luck as I often don’t concentrate anymore on dating sites. They seem to be big rip offs or the people do not represent what their post says. I am hoping that God will not leave me alone until the end of my days.

    • Thanks Terry. I am sure you will not be alone. You have spent the last few months and more caring for your brother so you have had no time for yourself. Now that you are .. no longer caring for him .. you can take time to concentrate on you. You have a very caring heart and many men will love you for that.

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