A Day Out With A Friend … And A Couple Of Other Bits

A friend of mine took me to the local Abbey today – where I photographed the swans a couple of days ago – so that I could take some photos of her Siberian Husky. That is one gorgeous mutt. I have not included any of the photos here as I would need her permission and I haven’t sent them to her yet. Here are a couple I took there though.

The duck has a feather on its beak which made me smile, and the water is where a coot had just dived underneath.

The two plant photos are with the new extender attachment I have for my camera, allowing the lens to get even closer whilst being further from the mirror and getting a bigger shot. I do have a lot of work to do with that though.

The moon is tonight, It is not the “Bloodmoon” as that was last night I believe, it is the settings I had my camera on to make it a bit clearer.

42 thoughts on “A Day Out With A Friend … And A Couple Of Other Bits

  1. Beautiful my friend….did you happen to see the Bloodmoon eclipse the other night? I didn’t know if it was visible in England or not. But we saw part of it! Kind of creepy but gorgeous at the same time! 🙂

    • I saw it. But only through an internet site that a friend gave to me. I took a couple last night before the clouds took it and they were red

      • I just saw Ralph’s blog post about finding you both the love of your lives. It was very interesting to read what he is looking for. As I am happily single at the moment but otherwise controversially a cougar, his age wouldn’t suit me and I love the UK, so there is no way I would move abroad to another country for a guy, he would have to move to England to be with me, if he lived abroad. I find friends are more important. Relationships come and go these days, but friends can be forever.

        • You are right, friends can be forever. That is one reason why I don’t like to date friends. I did once, many years ago and of course, when we split, I lost a friend as well. I say I lost __a__ friend, but in reality, I lost several.

          • That’s what I think is so hard about relationships. In order to have a good relationship, I think it’s important to be friends first but then you can become such good friends that you wouldn’t want to try anything else for fear of losing that friend. How on earth does one deal with such a dilemma?

      • I took my friend to the cinema for her birthday the other day. That is the first time in about a year that I have been to the cinema with a friend, as I usually go on my own. I like going on my own though.

  2. It’s raining, thirty degrees colder than yesterday and I have not had the best day… Until I saw these. Beautifully done, as usual!

  3. [ Smiles ] Wow! Those are fabulous photos, Al!

    Nicely done, my friend!

    Maybe, I should resign from photography and leave that field for you to dominate!

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