Shadows From Within

This is my second duet that I have done. My first was last year with Jen of Think Speak Tryst and I enjoyed that, so this time I have written a duet with the talented Shruti from A Shade of Pen. She writes wonderful poetry from photos, and at 23 she has one hell of a poetic future ahead of her.

Today we wrote Shadows From Within.

All images were found on the internet and are not my own work. They were all found via Google Images searching for “Shadows Within”

Shadows 1

The nights sometimes do not end
Even though the sun shines
Your sky still remains starlit
As the darkness will not leave

Shadows 2The shadows linger still
The moon your only light
Inner turmoil eating away
Silent screams no one hears.

Alone in the room of people
For times longer than eternity
A shadow is haunted, tormented and it cries
Seeking death, but staying alive

Sadness rips away at the soul
Tears creating streaks on the faceshadows 3
Nothing, no one can help
Solace, a joy long past and forgotten

But the shadows cannot stay forever
Hope ever on the horizon
Unseen whilst darkness surrounds
A glimmer, mistaken for a star

Reality is but an illusion
Nothing lasts forever
What is born, must die
The pain too must subside

shadows 4Strength comes from within
As friends aid recovery
Life once again turns around
A light for all to see


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