What Is Markdown

When writing a post or adding comments to a post, in order to add links or to change the formatting, you have to use HTML create or change the writing. Well, now you don’t have to.

For allowing Markdown when writing a post

————–> Settings

and tick [ ] Markdown

For allowing Markdown on comments

————–> Settings
[scroll ¾ way down]

and tick [ ] Markdown

This is what Markdown does for you. I have decided to snapshot the codes as you wouldn’t see how to do it if I just wrote it down.

Markdown 1Markdown 2Markdown 3Markdown 4Markdown 5Markdown 6Markdown 7

32 thoughts on “What Is Markdown

  1. Awesome to have another reference table! Thanks Al….my daughter thinks it’s way cool that her mother not only knows WHAT code is, but I can actually USE code! Yeha! I wrote a comment this morning with italics and a link and a bold word or two! woohoo! yah me! 🙂

  2. I am a bit confused. What advantage does ‘ticking” markdown generate versus unticked? Does it open up new avenues to the Enduser–or me? Change the view? A little more 411, hunny…please…:)

    I understand the “what”–I just don’t get the “why”…

    • It’s for adding bits to comments and such. I’ve realised it is quite a pointless post that has done more to confuse people than confuse them. I was going to delete this post earlier but went out. I will be deleting it in a little while though

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