A Night’s Tail

Nothing to do with the Chaucer story or the Heath Ledger film, or even Fievelย the mouse. These are some photos that I took last night and tonight. The two with dates, the last two, were ones I took with a different camera. These were with a bridge camera. I was told that if I used the “sunset” mode it would give me a perfect shot of the moon. The last photo is the result of that, but I like the way it looked.

Photos 2-6 are ones I took on a 30 second shutter speed of different directions from my balcony.

48 thoughts on “A Night’s Tail

  1. Having seen the same “balcony” shots by day in your blog, I’m awed by how beautiful they also are at night. I especially like the rays surrounding the lights.

  2. OK so I commented on each one I hope you don’t mind. A I am blown away. Totally blown away! The detail, reflections and the moon are stunning. You should print these and frame them. Well done A. I want to know your secret to that star burst maybe if you feel like letting it go. It’s ok if you don’t want to share it, I believe I would hold on to that as my signature! Leave people like me guessing! ๐Ÿ™‚

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