Jeremy’s Challenge: April 18th 2014

Every day, Jeremy challenges us to write something of fiction (100-200 words) or prose (14-20 lines) using either music or lines of poetry as a prompt. Today’s prompts which can be found here are:

The sentences today are:

  • A mind at peace, a mind centered and not focused on harming others, is stronger than any physical force in the universe – Wayne Dyer
  • Man is the only creature who has a nasty mind – Mark Twain
  • The more liberty you give away the more you will have – Robert Green Ingersoll

This is (as most of my fiction is) part of an ongoing story called “Mama Knows Best” which is about two boys telling their Mama that a load of boys have been taken by aliens, and she knows who they are, having fought them before. The last time left her close to death. You can find the complete story here.


Part Four

Joseph still could not comprehend what Mama was saying. Confusion written across his face, but he shrugged and took Jedra’s hand to lead him and their Mama back to where the boys were last seen. Waiting outside the door as commanded, the boys stood for ten minutes before Mama finally exited the building, closing and locking the door behind her. She had a huge red bag slung across her left shoulder, and it looked very heavy as it caused her to lean to the right in an attempt to keep an even balance. The boys took an involuntary step back, and Mama just smiled at them and waved them ahead.

Joseph led the way, but Mama could see his fear growing as the neared the site of the abductions. Upon reaching the location, Mama knew immediately her fears were correct and she slipped the bag from her shoulder which landed on the floor with a loud clatter, startling Joseph and Jedra. They watched as Mama dropped to her knees and closed her eyes. She started speaking a mantra: A mind at peace, a mind centred and not focused on harming others, is stronger than any physical force in the universe…

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