Ming The Merciless Mounts Mayhem

If anyone has seen the 1980s film Flash Gordon with Sam J Jones in the title role, Melody Anderson as Dale Arden, Timothy Dalton as Prince Barin, Topol as Dr Hans Zarkov and Max Von Sydow as Ming The Merciless, with the ever powerful and magnificent Brian Blessed as Prince Vultan, you will know that the beginning of the film starts with Earth coming under attack from Ming and raining fiery hail with a red sky. That is what my thoughts were when I saw the clouds yesterday along with the song in my head “Flash … ah-ahhhh … saviour of the universe” (song by Queen after the photos)

29 thoughts on “Ming The Merciless Mounts Mayhem

  1. I’m pretty sure I love you for expressing such Flash love. What a movie. So damn campy but as a kid it sank into my brain like… well, like a Queen soundtrack on a hazy Saturday afternoon. Love it love it love it.

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