April’s End

These are some shots I took today and yesterday. The building tops are from a couple of the shops in town, the owl is on top of a building as well. I only spotted it yesterday.

The black things are all little midges, and the brown stuff is a where a tree was pruned and the branches were being fed into a “chomper”. I hope May is the best of your months so far this year.

45 thoughts on “April’s End

    • I had never noticed that. πŸ˜€ It’s like the duck’s beak is actually a fox mask. So the beak is a fox and the back is an owl

    • I think ducks are beautiful creatures. Ducks and swans. Whenever there is a duck I will photograph it πŸ™‚

      • We used to have a stream running through our large back garden when I was young, and because we had a Mr and Mrs duck visit us every year, I could never eat duck.

          • Me to. Unbeknown to me, my parents gave me hare to eat when I was a child, I spat it out and said “what’s this?” Then they told me. Yuk! Never eaten that, and I wouldn’t, or rabbit. I don’t eat lamb, pork or beef.

            • When we were kids, we were all sitting around the table, eating and asked what the meat was. When we were told it was rabbit, we all pushed our plates away at the same time

            • Good for all of you. To make a stand at such a young age, bodes well for your strength of character in future years. That’s why you are a strong person and I admire you for that.

            • You are strong Al. I just know it. You are not afraid to show your sensitive side, to feel, and to express emotion. You are a brave warrior and soul. I think your character has many great qualities to it.

            • There are times that I want to ignore the things I put in the inspiration and just give up. Jack everything in and hide in a corner where no one can see me. The only thing that keeps me going sometimes is that other people need me.

            • Of course we need you but the most important thing is to like and love yourself no matter what. Never, ever, give up. Hiding yourself in a corner is not going to achieve anything. If you are not happy with your life, then change it, otherwise change your mindset so you are happy with your life. We think you are amazing and so should you.

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