Remember That Not Getting What You Want Is Sometimes A Wonderful Stroke Of Luck ~ Dalai Lama

Sometimes we want something so badly that we will attempt to move Heaven and Earth to get it, and what happens when we do? We say “that wasn’t worth it, I don’t really like it now”. By wanting something and not going for it or not getting it, this can be the thing that leads us to where we need to go for happiness – true happiness. If you don’t get something, don’t see it as a problem; see it as an opportunity to start something new. A new beginning. There is a plus side to everything we don’t get.

I hope the rest of your week goes well, and welcome to May

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47 thoughts on “Remember That Not Getting What You Want Is Sometimes A Wonderful Stroke Of Luck ~ Dalai Lama

  1. Earlier I was feeling down because one of my family members got something and I didn’t but, the main quote of this page made my day again. May you live a long life A1.

  2. I love the images you selected to go along with the words of inspiration. I think this series you post Al is one of your most important and shows us just how kind, caring, and compassionate you are. Thank you so much! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. it’s ego-gratification–and that’s why it never satisfies for long. Gratification of the Super Ego–the moral, higher thinking self–is the goal, although maybe just peace is a better term than gratification. Coming to peace with the raging duality within, and discovering meaning. Personal meaning.

    • Thank you Penny. I sometimes find it hard knowing what to say at the beginning of one of the posts and hope that it will make sense and not embarrass myself by saying something that causes people to say “wut?” haha. I think that the people who create these are very talented and gifted with their insight and their “in-tuneness” with the human psyche enough to know what words to use. I am glad I am able to share their gifts with everyone

      • Don’t forget about your own creative gifts and “in-tuneness” and empathy that you share daily with others. Alastair. Its huge! And I for one appreciate your tender caring and creativity, my so dear and special friend! xo

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