Sunday Photo Fiction ~ Cigars And Friends

Every Sunday a photo is added to use as a prompt for a story of around 200 words. If you want to have a go, take a look here, or click on the little blue creature if you want to see stories others have written.

This week, this is another episode in Dan’s Story. Click the link if you want to see the story so far.

57 04 April 27th 2014

Cigars And Friends

Dan asked the Cigar-Smoking woman if she could loan them an auto to visit his office and look through information on other murders.

A little later, a human sat behind the wheel of the auto whilst Dahlia, CS (as Dan called her) and Dan discussed the grisly finds and the information obtained by both parties. So far, eleven humans and thirteen Vakarians believed to be the victims of this sadist lay in the mortuary. Dan shared that he believed another three, all close together, would be discovered very soon. Dahlia nodded and CS looked at him quizzically before telling the driver to pull over outside a large apartment complex. After leaving the auto, Dan pulled out a card and slid it into a slot, and a humming sound erupted from behind the wall. Parts of the Perspex slid aside and an elevator extended. As Dahlia stepped forward, she stumbled and Dan caught her …

Dahlia lies on floor, one arm missing and blood oozing from the wound.
Her upper eye is gone and a contraption rests in the same area.
The spikes are wet from fresh blood.
She utters her last words: “Dan, help me”

He staggered back, vomiting and terrified.

12 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction ~ Cigars And Friends

  1. Ohmigosh! What did they do to her? I’m always hoping things start to go better for Dan, but it seems like it gets worse! Intense writing Al!

    • Thanks Eric. It was a vision of the future that he caught when he grabbed her as she stumbled. Poor guy though.

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