Sometimes We Are Tested. Not To Show Our Weaknesses, But to Discover Our Strengths ~ Unknown

There are times that we want to give up. We fail to do something several times, we want to give up; somebody hurts us, we want to give up; our lover walks out on us, we want to give up; life goes wrong, we want to give up. That would be the easy way out though. Walk away, throw in the towel and say a few unrepeatable words of discouragement then go and bury our heads somewhere. That would be so easy. And that is why we should not do it.

  • We fail to do something:
    Try again
    Try something else
    Ask for advice
  • Life goes wrong:
    Relax, take a breath
    Look at where you are
    Look at where you have come from
    Get up and go at it again
  • Somebody hurts us:
    Walk away from them, but not yourself
    Forgive them in time
    See if they do it again
  • Our lover walks out on us
    Start again. Make them see what they lost.

Life will always be a challenge. That way we can smile when we have succeeded.

I may not have used the quotes from all of these, and I can’t remember what I got from who, so to make it easier, I want to thank:

Amidst The Thoughts

Christina ~ (And Blog)

Lessons Learned In Life

Smile At Me (And Blog)

Have a great weekend

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35 thoughts on “Sometimes We Are Tested. Not To Show Our Weaknesses, But to Discover Our Strengths ~ Unknown

  1. An attitude of gratitude is one of my mantras. I just don’t do it like I should…..when I forget to be thankful for my blessings, things have a tendency to not go my way. It is a good thing to focus on what is good in our life instead of what is bad. It can ALWAYS be worse…..we could live in the Ukraine 😦

  2. So true and there are never reasons to give up , only reasons too keep going 🙂 Great quotes 🙂

  3. Love the quotes. But. Why the hell life test our endurance? There is a limit to everything and we may just wish to drop everything and move away from the there a bigger lesson behind?

    • Usually when you are ready to give up, that is when something happens. There is a reason for everything. Even the most difficult times teach us. I know I have learned a few lessons I could have done without learning lol

      • Thanks a ton, AL:) I really living n surviving on hope and guess, one becomes so used to spin that it becomes a way of life..still pining hope and the optimist in me still dreaming for extraordinary things..hehe..perhaps fooling self is gud in a way:)

  4. Very brilliant ones again. One I wished I could show some people who just keep monaing at everything and blame others for their actions they took…. Thanks so much! ( also for the link again)

    • You’re welcome on both counts Ute. It would be great if some people would take responsibility for their own actions.

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